XBLA Peggle to include co-op and online multiplayer

With the help of the team over at the Gamerscore Blog, Evil Avatar got a chance to get a few questions answered by PopCap Games' Greg Canessa about two of their upcoming XBLA games, Feeding Frenzy 2 and Peggle.

From the interview we learn that not only will Peggle be amazingly, addictively fun, but we find out that PopCap is working very hard to bring multiplayer to Peggle. Canessa confirms that the XBLA version of Peggle is guaranteed to include two player co-op as well as online multiplayer, but refused to cite specifics about how many players will be supported or if co-op will be online enabled.

Canessa confirmed that Feeding Frenzy 2 will include local co-op as well.

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