Rhode Island can't auction off 38's Xbox dev kits, says Microsoft


Microsoft is requesting Rhode Island return the Xbox developer kits the state is attempting to sell at auction to recoup losses from the defaulted multi-million dollar loan to shuttered 38 Studios. In the listing of items up for auction October 23, the firm hired to facilitate the auction lists "Gaming consoles: Xbox 360 XDK consoles." Only problem is those are the property of Microsoft.

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ChunkyLover532183d ago

If they belong to Microsoft, they should be returned to Microsoft.

darthv722183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

a public auction?

I kind of like to take a shot at that pool table.

on topic, yes these are generally only licensed to the developers. That way when new xdk's are made, they can trade them in for the latest build.

It's that way for Sony and nintendo developer kits too.

Spenok2183d ago

I definitely agree. IF they belong to MS. Though don't devs usually have to buy dev kits? I've heard countless times about X system dev kits being X price to make it easier for new/indie devs to jump in.

So if they were purchased, then they don't belong to MS. However, you never know.

Sucitta2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

who would want a 360 XDK?

chasegarcia2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

maybe they can become XDK for Xbox Windows 8, Phones, x720.

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Soldierone2183d ago

This studio just hurt every indie developer out there. Rhode Island took a risk, and the risk went to a dumb millionaire that abused it and did nothing with it.

Imagine another indie developer getting their hands on this stuff? Some amazing things could have been we will be lucky if someone takes a similar risk anytime soon....

Luckily Kickstarter is working well, lets just hope someone doesn't ruin that too.

Spenok2183d ago

I agree, though all they really needed was some better management. Kingdoms of Amalur was actually quite fun. I really enjoyed the story and lore of the game. It had a lot of potential.