Build It: Modern Commodore 64

Maximum PC: How to build a modern-day PC into a replica of the Commodore 64

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claud32067d ago

Would not mind, but i have not got the skill to do it

Relientk772067d ago

That's cool that he managed to build a Commodore 64

Saryk2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

I dealt with them in the 80s and the 80s are gone. Besides the only games I would play is Load Runner and Planetfall and for a few minutes.

I forgot about the Gold Box DnD, those too!

JoySticksFTW2067d ago

Gold Box D&D Pool of Radiance was one of my first games for C64.

I just installed Neverwinter Nights Diamond and am playing a PoR module

I used to spam Rock n Wrestling, Fight Night, Summer & Winter Games, Sky Fox, Montezuma's Revenge, Mario Bros, and those kid sports games with the water fountains, pot holes, and other hazards on the court / field.

I miss those games and actually downloaded PoR and Dosbox to play PoR again a while back.

It's still as fun as it was back then :D

beerkeg2067d ago

Now try doing a ZX81. That would be a challenge.

Phoenix762067d ago

LMAO better still..... try the ZX80 with its 1k Add-on Pack :D

beerkeg2067d ago

Lol, they were some tiny computers aye? I remember seeing one round my friends house when I was about 6 years old, I thought it was space age tech at the time :P

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The story is too old to be commented.