Netflix iOS and Android apps have a remote control easter egg for PS3 owners

Now that the revamped Netflix interface has hit phones and tablets for both Apple and Android powered hardware, the service has quietly enabled something else: second screen remote control. Currently the feature is only known to work on the PlayStation 3 with a mobile device on the same local network, once the two apps are running you can browse as normal on your phone or tablet and when you go to play a movie or TV show it asks you to choose where it will play. While the video is playing you can stop, pause or seek through it to a certain point, change the audio or subtitles, choose a different episode or even browse for something entirely different without stopping the action. The YouTube app on PS3 works in a similar fashion after its most recent update. We've got a few screens of the mobile apps at work in the gallery, check after the break for a quick video of it working.

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crimsonfox2034d ago

I have been doing this with Youtube on my PS3 lately too. It's pretty cool considering how god damn awful the keyboard is on the app.

waltyftm2034d ago

I have too, and agree with the keyboard.

darthv722034d ago

with the youtube app for ps3 and youtube update on my galaxy s2. I like how i can search for something on my phone and then press the share button and it pops up on the big screen.

Odd that MS doesnt have that kind of feature. then again, they made their app and of course if they would do that it would be for wp7 devises and not so much droid or ios.

That's just a guess.

Bigkurz852034d ago

that's nice. still just wish my ps3 had cross-game chat. :::sigh:::

zgoldenlionz2034d ago

Cool stuff. I'm going to try this out later tonight.

kingPoS2034d ago

Look really useful.

It's great to see another Iron Man armored fan. lol