Man Loses Xbox Account To Thief, Gives Thief Virtual Smackdown

Kotaku writes: "On Sunday night, Eric Graff put his son to bed. He flipped on his 360 and got ready for a session of Borderlands 2 with some friends. But when he tried to log onto his Xbox Live account, the password wouldn't work. His account had been hacked."

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yesmynameissumo2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Yet another reason why I don't pay for Xbox Live. Or use a 360. I feel for the guy though. This seems like a huge, unnecessary hassle.

maniacmayhem2000d ago

I've been on Live for years and I have never been hacked. I know hundreds of folks that have never been hacked also.

These incidents while sad are few. Reading the actual article and the link inside the story it sounds like a lot of the problems stem from the actual MS support staff.

What they suggest and what I do is have a seperate account for 360. I have a seperate credit card and account I use only for 360/PS3/Wii.

HammadTheBeast2000d ago

I think that this is on the minds of many...

Cool Story Bro.

Tell it again.

KingMe421999d ago

Im PS3 and most of my friends are PS3 and none of us have been hacked. So yeah not a valid point seeing as even after the Sony hack those that did have credit infromation didn't notice a change.

Also noe how most of the free players didn't need to worry as much since they (like me) not once used credit information cause we didn't need to in order to play online.

maniacmayhem1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )


"So yeah not a valid point seeing as even after the Sony hack those that did have credit infromation didn't notice a change."

It is valid, anything you do online you should have a separate account. You don't want to put your main credit card or main account number on various gaming sites. These sites may be secured but they are not reliable to have the best security for this type of information.

"Also noe how most of the free players didn't need to worry as much since they (like me) not once used credit information cause we didn't need to in order to play online."

Ha, come to this site, try to be civil and just pass along information without being bias to one system and you always have to get at least one fanboy who has to throw some not needed remark.

Okay let’s play then.. well I do pay for a service because I like the service MS provides. Because of this I have taken extra precautions in making sure my money and identity stays safe while I enjoy my personal service of choice. And notice how I said I have never been hacked so I'm not worried.

I just typed in "My PSN account got hacked" as
sofresh412 below suggested in a google search and suprisingly there are a lot of QandA, youtube and sony forums with these same problems over the years.

TreMillz1999d ago

"GenericScreenName and 2 more Reply
Did I miss the smackdown? I feel like I missed the smackdown."


linkratos1999d ago

I'm pretty sure the PSN fiasco is the reason I had to switch credit cards. A couple weeks later some guy was using my account to buy stuff at Walmart on the other side of the country. I'll never know for sure but it's made me a lot more wary about paying for stuff online, or worse keeping my card number on account.

fr0sty1999d ago

It is important to differentiate between "hacked" and "phished", and sadly few sites bother to do that sort of thing. Rather unprofessional really, as it falsely implies that the security threat was on the side of Microsoft, and not just a user being duped into giving up their info. I'm no fan of XBL, but let's be realistic here people. If you're going to be a journalist, you must remain professional about it.

vega2751999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

@ maniacmayhem

Its funny how sonyfanboy try to make it seem like only Xbox live accounts get hacked that when you do a search of psn account being hacked you also find that they are also getting their accounts hacked also. And even as far back as 2008. How convenient they don't want to put that out there also. Not only was the psn network hack but so are peoples accounts also.

Sonyfanboys swear no ones credit cards was stolen. But many people don't come to gaming forums and Sony's wouldn't tell anyone if they did. But even when people do say they had theirs cards misused the automatically are told it wasn't because Sony's network hack. Funny how they have an excuse for that,but theirs no excuse for live

I would love to hear how they spin that or will they just hit the disagree button and pretend its just live members

Godmars2901999d ago

Why do people feel the need to defend things like this by saying "Its never happened to me"? That's not the point.

The point, much like being part of a group charging a man with a single shot pistol; if you're the one who gets shot, you're the one who got shot.

PantherDST1999d ago

If there is a website dedicated just to selling stolen Xbox Live accounts, this problem is way larger than it appears on the surface. Knowing 100 people who have not been hacked out of several million accounts is not a good indicator of security.

My account has never been hacked so there must not be a problem right?

BertlSenix1999d ago

I could hack you - The way to do it is fast and known for years.
Its pretty easy on Xbox360 - I saw people get hacked a lot in previous FIfa Version(could be done with any other game too but you know in Fifa Ultimate Team who could have good stuff that is worth to steal).
But i just stole the game cards > Not the creditcards or the M$ points cause you don't have to be a complete asshole right?
But hacking is so easy on Xbox - Microsoft didn't do shit against it in 3 or 4 years now cause they still think they are flawless and its the fault of the gamers or the fault of the game company.
Its kinda funny - For example EA Sports said they made 43 Million§ on 360 over the last holidays thanks to the people who stole Credit Cards and Points to buy cards in Fifa12.
PS3 is btw unhackable in that way - You surely can hack it but you have to be an ultra nerd with 1337 knowledge.
The 360 stuff is hackable by 5 year olds.I think there are even YOutube videos that show how you have to do it.

edgeofsins1999d ago

But it is pathetic. XBox Live offers no better security then any other free service and no insurance but you have to pay for it.

Godmars2901999d ago

No, they offer better security for themselves. Better than Sony has shown anyway.

They need to show that your information is safe with them so that you and others will give your information. Otherwise with XBL's semi-required nature would have utterly failed as a business model.

Though as is when things fail on your end of their security measures they become a hindrance to you in fixing the problem.

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dedicatedtogamers2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

It's sad when ANYone gets hacked. What needs to happen is companies (XBL, PSN, Steam) need to move away from the model of a strict DRM-controlled service (yep, Steam is DRM in case you thought otherwise) and instead focus on stricter login/account requirements. Steam happens to be on the right track: when Steam detects you're on a new computer or a new IP you're prompted to "confirm" your info via the email you've registered. Or you could use some sort of questionaire (like, list 10 random games with 3 of your own account-registered games and ask "which of these games have you purchased with our service?")

Bladesfist1999d ago

anymore than what steam gets and it becomes annoying for us people who keep our accounts secure. The biggest issue atm is people using hacked info from sony and the other big gaming hacks to check against other accounts. GW2 had a big problem with this.

ChunkyLover532000d ago

So because someone phished or guessed this guys password, that is why you don't pay for Xbox Live? People throw around the word "hacked" like its going out of style. (Mostly thanks to inaccurate movies and television shows)

Phishing and key logging can happen to anyone, at any time. I get phishing scam emails every day, like the ones that say there is a problem with my Runescape, WOW or Diablo 3 accounts, all of which I don't even have. I've even gotten a pretty legit looking one from Paypal saying my account would be suspended if I didn't enter my info.

The point is, you have to be careful when you use your password. Anyone can be phished, but as far as being hacked, Xbox Live hasn't had any problems with that, you can even use Paypal, which assumes all responsibility if someone does get into your account.

YodaCracker1999d ago

Finally, someone who knows what they're talking about. Well said!

silvacrest1999d ago

i have gotten that paypal one 3 times now and yeah, it looks real legit

where the scammers failed is where they said my account was suspended, i always just login to my account to see for my self, no suspension = scam

CaptainPunch1999d ago

Sad to see you get disagrees because of all the PS fanboys in denial.

TekoIie1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

I think that people are using this as an MS trashing excuse.

It isnt about who gets hacked more but about who can fix the problem best and honestly when I've called customer services for either Sony or MS i have gotten nowhere...

1999d ago
Christopher1999d ago

***but as far as being hacked, Xbox Live hasn't had any problems with that***

Not true. You could hack Live accounts through the Web site. The issue was that you could do brunt force attempts on passwords since Microsoft previously allowed you to 'reset' attempts to login to an account just by going back to the original login page. This was changed when it was pointed out to them during the mass account thefts earlier this year.

Otherwise, I would agree that most people lose their accounts through phishing, key logging, or using the same password across multiple sites (those sites themselves tend to get hacked).

Dee_911999d ago Show
jadenkorri1999d ago

@ ChunkyLover53

"The point is, you have to be careful when you use your password. Anyone can be phished, but as far as being hacked, Xbox Live hasn't had any problems with that,"

maybe you shouldn't post that stupid comment on an article specifically saying xbox live account hacked.

@ GamingFeud @ StreetsofRage @ crusadernm
MS still has problems with hacking since launch, just the same as any other company. It may not have happened as big a scale/media frenzy as sony, but MS still has problems with hacking even today.

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geddesmond2000d ago

My brothers account was hacked and it took MS 2 months to sort it out

badz1491999d ago

maybe it took MS 2 minutes, not 2 months and it didn't really happened! /s

geddesmond1998d ago

You gotta love the internet and sensitive fanboys. Sure I lied about this because I thought it would start an interesting comment lol(sarcasm). Fangirls and their need to cry over anything aimed at their precious consols. If I was gonna lie about something I think of 100 better things than that. Fools grow the hell up

ChunkyLover531999d ago

You and your comments are the perfect example of what is wrong with this site. 20+ agrees and counting because you said you don't pay for Xbox Live because someone had their Live account Phished.

Xbox Live has never been hacked, to the best of my knowledge only Sony has ever had any true hacking done to their online service.

This site is a damn joke.

yesmynameissumo1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

U mad?

This shit with Live has been going on since 2006. Almost 7yrs of it should be enough for anyone to be weary. Random account theft is no "little" thing. I've spent 6yrs earning trophies, as many other gamers have spent years earning achievements. If my account was jacked and I had to play a game of ring around the rosie with Xbox support to get nowhere, I'd be pissed. The fact that the same thing had been happening for YEARS to others would only pour salt on the wound. Now, if that upsets you and your overly dramatic sensibilities, I'm fine with it. If the site is a joke, why are you here again? Go away. It's a win/win.

Your PS3 account wasn't hacked either. Just sayin

It's up now, got free games and wasn't out a dime. *cough*

AO1JMM1999d ago

I have had Live for years as well and not once was my account hacked in any way. PS3 on the other hand....

just saying.

KingMe421999d ago

I have had psn for years and the funny thing is i never used credit information at even if i am hacked all i loose is my data, my bill is safe since psn free doesn't force me to pay to play

badz1491999d ago

so, you're saying that since your account never got hacked, Live itself is not hacked thus all these people are just lying about their account being hacked? get off the high horse already as the world doesn't revolve around you! be grateful it doesn't happen to you but there are poor souls out there who got hit!

My PSN ID never got hacked too and I still got my credit card account on it even during the downtime! so...the hack was a lie too ha? It wasn't!

OneAboveAll1999d ago

Still better than live being down for months at a time due to hackers. *cough* PSN *cough*

I'v never had my account hacked.

calis1999d ago


Having your information stolen, your financial information stolen. The hassle of cancelling all your credit cards associated with the account with the banks is BETTER than not being able to play online for a month?




LackTrue4K1999d ago

It's up now, got free games and wasn't out a dime. *cough*

SegataShanshiro1999d ago

@onyoursistersback yeah cause ps plus doesn't cost a dime right?

awesomeperson1999d ago


I think he was referring to the 'Welcome Back' package that all accounts were given regardless of being a Playstation Plus member or not. So yes, he got free games and was not out a dime.

Regardless, I have Plus and find it is more than worth it considering the amount of *rented* games I get (the whole not owning argument doesn't bother me considering I plan to renew my subscription as long as the benefits keep rolling).

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OhMyGandhi1999d ago

@ yesmynameissumo

really? obviously your not going to pay for xbox live if you don't have a 360.

this stuff rarely happens.

hotrider121999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

I have none of these problem of hacking i never play online games from PSN. so, therefore hacking is not a issue with me. also use pre-paid credit cards. if they want to steal from pre-paid go right ahead.

TheRealHeisenberg1999d ago

So why even bother coming in to MS/360/Live threads then? I know why. It is the same reason all of those that agreed with you came in. Same old N4G, still smoking my product.

r1sh121999d ago

There seem to be soo many misconceptions here.
Its not as if the accounts were accessed on a server where the hacker managed to get the server to output the password.
Its a more simpler form, I.E Go on this site for MS points, log in with your account for authentication.

Its like soo many people in this thread are saying
"Ive been on ps3 for years - not hacked"
"Ive been on Live for years - not hacked"

This is a small problem but its not as sophisticated as many people assume, its phishing scams, and forgot password techniques.

This is not a big problem, its a small one but MS can always do more and act faster (the support staff can).
Its also some users have pretty terrible passwords, the best passwords tend to not be words have upper and lower case, numbers and symbols.

neogeo1999d ago

yep. My N4G account just got hacked and some ahole logged into my account and gave you a disagree and a minus -1bubble then reported you as spam. Damn hackers!

lonesoul651999d ago

whole PS3 network was can happen to anyone...anytime. No reason to start a console war over it. Sadly it is just the world we live in. And people think cloud computing is a good idea? Were in trouble...

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Emilio_Estevez2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Gave him a smackdown, but the thief still has his account....I wouldn't really call that a win.

A-Glorious-Dawn1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

And this guy had his account stolen before, last year.

Now is this guy just an idiot who is not cautious? or are Xbox Live accounts just easy to gain access to?
ForumKorner would suggest people have gotten quite good at pinching accounts..

2 accounts lost in 2 years and none
retrieved. I'd be livid..

EDIT: It seems Kotaku was wrong about ForumKorner, they commented on the article

"Yet another false claim to my website. Try doing some proper journalism like real bloggers supposed to do. We do no allow sales of stolen accounts on FK, and do not allow any illegal material their either. We allow sales of Xbox accounts however only your own account/s. That breaks ms terms of service but is not close to illegal. The user was banned as soon as we found out the account was in fact stolen, just like we ban anyone trying to sale someone other than their own account/s. We are not mind readers, and we do not make assumptions such as you, therefore proof is needed in order for a ban. The only website that should be reported, if not sued is you guys for giving my forum a bad name only because you cannot do proper research. The last article you made about my website my attorney was contacted, and will be again. I have called, emailed, and posted before with no replies. Your professionalism is terrible."

I reserve judgement on that website.

TekoIie1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Thing is he is basically saying this:

"We dont allow it....... but it could have happened in the past since certain people might not have been able to prove they are the legit owner of an account or not have known it was being sold there".

Still dont like him for allowing the sale of accounts. He damn well knows that some will be stolen.

specialguest1999d ago

If you read the comments on the Kotaku site, the hacker insaneyo commented and claimed to have sold it too. Seems like a win for the hacker if true.

wane2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

This is just a minor incident

yesmynameissumo2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

1 hack with virtually zero impact afterwards vs. daily, weekly, monthly account hacks. Sorry man, I'll take the 1 hack.

BlackTar1872000d ago

Ill take no hacks both suck

XB1_PS41999d ago

Search "My psn account got hacked" tell me what you see.

Reverent1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

@sofresh.... Lol, as if you couldn't type in the same thing about an Xbox account... God, it's like you're saying that as if you're implying that ONLY results regarding PSN accounts being hacked exist, when in reality, the exact same amount, if not more, will indeed show up if you switch out "PSN" with "XBL".

XB1_PS41999d ago

@Reverent I was replying to this statement

"1 hack with virtually zero impact afterwards vs. daily, weekly, monthly account hacks. Sorry man, I'll take the 1 hack."

He was making it seem like the only time anybody's account had been compromised was that single time. I said nothing about xbox. My account has been hacked on Xbox before.

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ziggurcat2000d ago

where's your proof that anyone's PSN account got hacked?

because the only thing that was ever stated about that incident was that there was the *possibility* that people's account *may* have been compromised.

the fact is that there have been *ZERO* reported incidents of people's accounts/CC info being taken over/used maliciously as a result of what had happened, and yet this is one of the many reported incidents of people's XBL accounts being hacked/stolen.

get your facts straight before you start trolling, buddy.

Simco8762000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

As a PSN user, about 3 months after the hack someone in Korea used my CC info to run up a cell phone bill and pay for cable services. I believe it's the direct result of the PSN hack. If I want to buy anything on the network I buy the PSN cards at retail stores.

I would advise anyone on consoles to do this...Xbox 360 and PS3 alike.

On a side note: The article states that his account was hacked it wasn't just one time *for all the Xbots out there, bubble me down ahaha YOU CANT!

DragonKnight1999d ago

@Simco876: Two reasons why your story is B.S.

Reason 1: CC numbers were encrypted. No way would hackers decrypt it in 3 months.

Reason 2: Sony set up an insurance fund of up to 1 million dollars for each affected user of the PSN hack. You're telling me you didn't go for free money to cover your alleged losses?

Credit Card fraud happens every day to millions of people. Don't try to place blame just because you were a victim of something pretty much everyone goes through.

Statix2000d ago


I've had my PSN account for 5+ years, and I've never once had it hacked or stolen. *Knock on wood*

Besides, your passwords and credit card info were encrypted in that big PSN hack a few years ago, so there's no evidence that any personal information was ever actually stolen or used for illegitimate purposes.

ALLWRONG1999d ago

Every PSN account got hacked when PSN got hacked.

Millions vs thousands

cruxito1999d ago

same here, 5+ years no even once... but you know the haters are gonna denied it.

PSN hack was big bc it was like the Holy Grail for Hackers, so you had all these long time professional hackers attacking PSN at once, and even with that it took them quite a long time, however, NOTHING was comprise, and SONY even gave us free games.

X360 on the other hands is been hacked ever since it came out by average hackers, and microsoft dont give you nothing,

KingMe421999d ago

A minor incident that happens a few times a week in all of USA

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rajman2000d ago

So where is the virtual smackdown?

ThanatosDMC2000d ago

Yeah, i dont understand... he still got jacked.

tiffac0081999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

I know right, they didn't even caught the thief. The thief even had the gall to claim he works for Xbox.

Sorry for the spoilers but the title is very misleading.

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