10.0 Review: Burnout Paradise Xbox 360 game

The six-year-old Burnout series of games is notable for two things: its slow-motion replays of car crashes, and its Crash mode, in which the aim is to cause as much destruction as possible.

If you've never come across it before, Burnout might seem to be a game with a warped sense of civic responsibility. And that's certainly true, both of earlier games in the series and of the new one, Burnout: Paradise.

The reason Burnout: Paradise gets away with that kind of immorality is that it's so good. Really, impressively, spectacularly good. From the very beginning, when the sunny streets of Paradise City fade onto the screen to the tune of (obviously) the Guns N' Roses song of the same name, it's clear that this is a highly polished game, full of élan.

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