Killzone 1 HD Multiplayer “Would Have Driven The Cost Of This Project Beyond Feasibility”

The team at Guerrilla lets us know why multiplayer isn't included in the HD remake, why remote play isn't an option on the Vita, and more.

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rajman2032d ago

This. I played Killzone for the first time last week and the multiplayer with bots just didnt feel right without jump.

Relientk772032d ago

I played it back in the day when it came out, thought the multiplayer was pretty good

ChronoJoe2022d ago

They won't, jumping would break the game because it wasn't designed to have it.

Relientk772032d ago

:( Aw, I wish they added the mulitplayer as well

yesmynameissumo2032d ago

MP would've been nice, but getting to run through the SP campaign again in HD is still welcomed.

josephayal2032d ago

is Very Expensive, Example; Killzone 2's development cost over US$20 million. Glad i have a Piggy Bank

ChipChipperson2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Damn, I was hopping for the online portion as well, oh well, I still loved fighting the bots when I first got the game way back. I can't remember how many hours I logged in playing with them and using the Siska(literally a man portable howitzer).

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