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Chris Lohr: "Corvo Attano is a supernatural assassin who takes out his targets with a mixture of magical abilities, weapons, and extraordinary gadgets. In Dishonored, players take control of Corvo and his quest to seek revenge. See, he wasn’t always a supernatural assassin; he used to be a bodyguard for the Empress, who was murdered. Corvo was blamed and arrested. In prison, a strange man gave Corvo his supernatural powers and set him loose. By the end of Dishonored, there will be many dead members of a corrupt government and, presumably, the one responsible for the Empress’ murder."

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G33K2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

I want to play you so bad Dishonored!

liu_n4g2062d ago

i am waiting for you-dishonored

reznik_zerosum2062d ago

"i would replace all my music for linkin park and green day just to play it now" lol.

nihonlight2062d ago

I'll buy it used. Bethesda gets no money from me.
(Yes publishers make money so it's not just "arkane")