REVIEWED - Borderlands 2 (via GoozerNation)

(via GoozerNation) Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the 2009 hit game from Gearbox Software and 2K Games. The original game was, without question, the most addictive “dungeon crawler” released that year. How does the sequel compare? Let’s find out.

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PieMonster1907d ago

Honestly, I'm enjoying it more than the first one even though they're very similar gameplay-wise.

RyanDJ1907d ago

Is 1 necessary to play to enjoy 2? My backlog is getting huge, and I am missing out on some good series's because I can't keep up!

MattyG1907d ago

Not at all. In fact, I would say skip 1 altogether and go right to 2

iamgoatman1907d ago

Not really, but it's well worth playing the first Borderlands anyway.

PieMonster1907d ago

Honestly, BL2 isn't much different that BL1 in terms of gameplay. I would still recommend playing through the first one though just for story's sake.

Also, there really aren't that many games that make great use of co-op campaigns. BL1 and 2 do so make sure that you play it with friends.

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