MGS Ground Zeroes Visuals took a hit for open world but not lightning, MGO Possibility

"Kojima has said that the open world nature of Ground Zeroes has taken a toll on the visuals, but the lighting has not been impacted. There's also a possibility of a MGO being made at the new studio Kojima opened recently at Los Angeles. This information was revealed by two journalists on Twitter."

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Xenial1879d ago

Please! Even more of a reason for me to buy this if MGO is re-booted.

Spenok1878d ago

OMG yes. They shut MGO down WAY to early. This would be the best thing since sliced bread. :D

Septic1879d ago

Well it's understandable that the open nature of the game would have an adverse effect on the visuals of the game but from the gameplay trailers, they still look incredible.

But the visuals take a back seat in MGS especially when it comes to gameplay. Remember the original MGS on PlayStation. The visuals were quite bad, yet, the game drew me into it's world more than most current gen games have ever managed.

I still remember my heart pounding as Meryl was getting shot by Sniper Wolf. I kept thinking "$#1t, I gotta do something!!" and running around desperately like when Mr Bean does when he's panicking.

wishingW3L1879d ago

MGS1 on the PS1 is easily the best graphics on that generation so IDK what you're talking about. Its only problem was that the camera was fixed but even to this date the game has aged pretty well.

waltyftm1879d ago

100% disagree, MGS on the Playstation was stunning at the time.

Septic1879d ago

Ah really? I remember my cousins mocking it at the time because of the blocky nature of the faces etc. Well, I mat have been wrong on that one then.

Still, an unbelievable game. Easily one of my top 5 of all time.

Baka-akaB1879d ago

MGS one was one of the best looking game back then . Even pc were a bit jealous of the ps1 , albeit only for a short time

maniacmayhem1879d ago

I think the visuals were great at that time.

What else could your cousin compare the first MGS too to think the graphics were bad?

chukamachine1879d ago

wtf. MGS1 on the PSX was awesome. Tombraider i loved the most though.

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nevin11879d ago

MGO is the most fun I had this gen.

doogiebear1879d ago

I just hope that American team doesnt add crap like regenerating health, sprinting, air strikes, and other stupid western crap that MGO has never been known for having. I'm kinda worried man...mgo 2 was perfect, all they had to do was re-release it with cleaner net code and new unhackable servers on psn. Now with an American company handling it (i'm American myself) instead of kojima, it makes me cringe. I just want mgs 4's online to come back, just in case the new mgo is a COD clone (even the excellent Uncharted 2 was turned into a crappy COD clone in Uncharted 3--even though I never thought Naughty Dog would do such a stupid thing).

Sick of all these COD/Gears/Cover shooter games that suck! MGO was flawless (if u remove lag) and now it's gone. So I don't have much hope for an American led mgo.

Pillsbury11876d ago

I would have nothing to worry about, the master himself mr kojima is doing this ;)

doogiebear1876d ago

@ Pillsbury:

No he's not. Did u even read the article? It's being delegated to an American team that has no experience with past MGO games (entitled Kojima LA). Man, I had when people are overly optimistic without actually having any knowledge about what they are talking about. READ what the article says.

WeskerChildReborned1879d ago

Please bring back MGO. I'm hoping they stopped the other MGO to make a new one.

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