Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Will Come to North America, Relax

The guy at RPG Land breaks down why there's really nothing to worry about with recent Kingdom Hearts HD fuss caused by Gematsu's email. Square Enix's reply is actually par for the course, as far as localization announcements go. Here's a historical look to provide some context.

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Abash2037d ago

No doubt it will come and I'll be getting it and every other future Kingdom Hearts game that is released

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2036d ago

They never said it wasn't. All that was said was that the announcement was for Japan only.

knifefight2036d ago

Indeed. You should see the vitriol in this thread though:

People getting all worked up over nothing. -_-

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2036d ago

haha, yeah. I saw that. It's funny though, because the title is actually VERY clear about it. I mean, they went out of their way specific to make sure it wasn't misinterpreted by the masses.

abzdine2036d ago

i'm not surprised. The media was "just" taking words out of context, as always-

EngatoDreylorm2036d ago

True. When they said "Japan-only", they meant that particular announcement. You can't always expect a single announcement for all regions.

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