DayZ on consoles is “a nature progression”

GCO: "At one of the Eurogamer Expo development sessions, Bohemia Interactive lead designer Dean Hall commented about the standalone version of DayZ coming to consoles."

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csreynolds2001d ago

I think Dean might've meant "natural" progression...

camel_toad2000d ago

He may have skipped his English classes in school.

Zha1tan2000d ago

Oh somebody made a mistake, lets jump all over it!

Sad people.

jimbobwahey2000d ago

Just an indicator of the sorry state of so-called gaming journalism. The vast majority of writers probably haven't even graduated high school, which is why there are so many garbage articles.

csreynolds1999d ago

Yes Zha1tan, I am sad trying to uphold the importance of spelling and grammar in videogames journalism - an industry that considers both to be KIND OF necessary.

Everyone's got one... #OpinionsAreLikeArseholes