Joe Danger dev: 'Don't ever piss off PlayStation fans'

Fans of the 2010 racing-platformer Joe Danger were happy to receive a sequel, Joe Danger 2, a couple weeks back. That is to say, Xbox fans - after months of silence, not a single detail on the PlayStation 3 version was dropped by indie developer Hello Games, and the game's Xbox release date came and went with nary a peep on when PlayStation fans would receive the same content.

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maniacmayhem2062d ago

"Let's just say if there's a piece of advice I would now give to every developer in the world, it's don't ever piss off PlayStation fans," he proclaimed. "They are a force to be reckoned with!"

I believe it!

darthv722062d ago

especially considering the original came to PSN first. The idea of a sequel NOT coming to PSN would just be stupid.

guitarded772062d ago

I went to their Facebook page to ask about the game a while back, and there were so many comments asking if the game was coming to PSN. I bought Joe Danger the first day it was released on PSN, and was kinda let down when JD2 was only coming to XBOX. I mean, I have two XBOX's, so it's not like I couldn't just play it on XBOX, but sometimes you play a game on a console, and it just becomes associated with that console or PC to you. I know that's not the case for everyone, but it is for me. I was also initially upset that Hello Games was not supporting the gamers who supported them with Joe Danger on PS3. In the end, it's good that the game will be on both... However, I'm really getting sick of this timed exclusive crap. If something is exclusive, it should remain exclusive... not all this keeping secrets BS. It creates distrust between devs and gamers.

Megaton2062d ago

So it sounds like they sold out to Microsoft and now they're gonna come crawling back to the platform that made them.

darthv722062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

not so much. Just 360 got it first. It happens on both sides of the track.

PSN got the original first. The sequel comes to live first. Either way both sides get a version so...move along.

edit: you got me. Like i said, the game is coming to both. I got the first one on PSN I can get the second as well once it comes out.

I'm not one to hold a grudge because a game from series I like come out on another platform. As it turns out....I more than likely have that platform.

Megaton2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

When's the last time the PSN got timed exclusivity on a sequel to a game that was originally a timed (18 months) exclusive to XBL? Just curious, since it sounds like you're trying to push false equivalency.

That would be like the PSN receiving timed exclusivity on a Braid sequel. Would that not also strike you as quite absurd?

Blankman852062d ago

SONY probably wanted to own rights to the game if it published first on PSN. All Microsoft seemed to have asked for is timed exclusivity and silence about it for a couple of weeks and they get to keep rights to their IP.

killerhog2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

It's actually the other-way-around with more like: If a game is multiplatform, ms wants the better or equal version compared to the other consoles. If a game is released on another console first, then ms version better be better or come with more content. I believe ms only funds if their (developer) game is exclusive to their console only. There's other effed up things you must do/agree too, to be on ms console.

moodgamer2062d ago

Hello Games, owns the IP rights. Sony, allows many developers, to produce their games on PS3 first, and then do whatever they want. But it would be very bad, if the second one didnt came to PSN.

kikizoo2062d ago

" If a game is multiplatform, ms wants the better or equal version compared to the other consoles."


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fermcr2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

"Joe Danger dev: 'Don't ever piss off PlayStation fans'"

I agree. They tend to be the worst and most annoying fanboys.

When the Wii\X360\PC losses a exclusive, i don't see fanboys making a fuss about it (at least not many). When a PS3 looses a exclusive, it's the end of the world. I still remember all the fuss when FF13 went multi.

smashcrashbash2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

You mean like the Nintendo fanboys who sent death threats to the guy who gave Twilight Princess a bad score. Or threatened the doctor that said the 3DS could be bad for your eyes? Or want to cut your throat if you say anything negative about Nintendo? Or the Microsoft fans who were the head of the PS3 is going to fail bandwagon? Or who spent several months claiming and begging that MGS4 come to the 360? Or who are still in denial that RROD was a bad thing? Or went on the 'exclusives don't matter' campaign and tried to put down Infamous using Prototype every second they had? Or the constant and endless claims about how Alan Wake would beat both Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2?

Just shut up. All sides have annoying fanboys. No fanboy is worse then the other. Right now I am listening to several annoying Nintendo fanboys who won't shut up about how much of a clone PASBR is and how SSB is the best and how PASBR can never beat it that are pissing me off. So don't start with the who is the worse fanboy $hit all over again.

BlackTar1872062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

I guess the fact that the game FF was changed and cut to crap has no bearing on your point?

Your post almost proves the opposite of your point. Anyone who thinks that one set of fanboys is worse then the other is almost certainly a fanboy of which ever one they aren't accusing.

maniacmayhem2062d ago

"I guess the fact that the game FF was changed and cut to crap has no bearing on your point?"

That had nothing to do with the 360.

yesmynameissumo2062d ago

I think it's mainly because there aren't 6000 articles on how Wii\360\PC are doomed because an exclusive goes multiplatform. If you remember the FF13 fuss, you should be able to recall the negative media blitz I'm referring to.

DigitalRaptor2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

I can basically attest to what smashcrashbash and yesmynameissumo because I was a victim (yes I said it, sue me) of supporting the PS3 in its early days.

Brosy - you call us crybabies, but is that really surprising coming from an undeniable 360 fanboy troll who's sole purpose is to spout BS to get a reaction from said fans so that you have something to complain about?

Which console/company has been the most senselessly and unjustifiably bashed this generation? There's your damn answer. Sony fans have to work to defend Sony because most things that were claimed by the rest of the fanboys turned out to be nothing but sensationalist utter bull crap, made up by people who love to hate, or ones that didn't want to pay $599, even though their mommy bought their 360 or Wii for them for Xmas. Probably an XBL Gold sub too.

So yeah, it turns out that in 2006-2008 it was Blu-ray and PS3 that were doomed. Of course, try telling most people you actually know that PS3 will be fine and that it has great games... they just didn't want to know. Always the 'fingers in the ear' treatment.

Now that what we all KNEW wasn't true actually ISN'T TRUE, according to the media, Sony is definitely doomed and even though they are a multi-billion dollar company who's PlayStation division is actually turning a profit, and are currently undergoing re-structure to perform better in their other departments.

So there we have it 'fanboys of wanting Sony to fail'. Simply put, we're sick of the utter lack of common sense biased BS, which seems to be aimed at Sony more than any other console manufacturer this gen. It still happens and the fact that people laugh off the accusations of bias from the mass media and small time mainstream CoD, Gears, Halo-head bloggers is even more disturbing.

I am a fanboy of many a machine but most of all, of cutting the crap.

Godmars2902062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Sorry, but people complained about not getting this?

If anything I'd expect 360 owners who bought it might be upset at getting less content at the same cost.

Avernus2062d ago

Oh like the PS3 owners got less content in JD 1?

Godmars2902062d ago

Did they?

If so then these guys deserve no, much less need to bring up, anything about loyalty. Should have just put out the same game at the same time.

What's going on now is starting to sound like an attempt to agitate fanboys to promote sales.

Skate-AK2062d ago

Microsoft and Sony both have policys that make it to where if a game launches on a competitors system first it has to have extra content to launch on XBLA or PSN. I worded it kinda weird so hopefully you can understand that.

Lyr1c2062d ago

Pretty sure that's only Microsoft.

chukamachine2062d ago

Don't ever piss off 360 owners, they will buy you a 360 to prove that the system doesn't break down. grrrrr

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