EG Expo 2012: New MGS Ground Zeroes info

At the Eurogamer Expo 2012, Hideo Kojima showed some Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes footage, as well as providing some new info.

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claud32066d ago

Cool. Shaping up to become a great game

Hatsune-Miku2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

I can't wait to see this on ps4. It would be silly to release this on any console that'll be available this year. I wouldn't want to play this game where everything was degraded in its tech to run on a system

I love watching the hd trailers and gameplay for this game and it makes me so excited for next gen consoles xbox 720 and ps4

rezzah2066d ago

It is coming out for PS3 and 360 unless stated otherwise.

Silly? So be it.

Septic2066d ago

Oh my days...what did Nintendo do to you for you to despise them so much? Such a silly statement. And to think, people were calling me a fanboy in my response to you.

Either way, this game looks incredible. There seems to be so much attention to detail and its the little things like customising your own chopper music that MGS does brilliantly.

I wonder if this will have a proper MP mode and what that will be like.

violents2066d ago

Most of the things i have seen are stating it will be out on current gen equiptment. I am excited eiter way because the demo looks stunning. And if that's what can be done on current gen, that just makes me even more excited for next gen. But ill wait because there are some really good looking titles that are coming out for current hardware. There's still life in them stop trying to kill them off.

BlaqMagiq242066d ago

Well with your logic you wont be playing this game at all so have fun waiting. I'll be enjoying this game on ps3 when this comes out while you're still waiting for something that never happens lol.

FarCryLover1822066d ago

I can't wait to see this on current gen is more like it. I can't wait to see MGS5 on next-gen!

Hatsune-Miku2066d ago

I laugh at anyone who thinks that this game would look like in the trailers now on xbox 360 and ps3. It's possible for it to be downgraded but it would look like rubbish.

This game is meant for xbox 720, ps4 and high end PCs

MysticStrummer2065d ago

If it was meant for next gen consoles I'm pretty sure they'll make it for next gen consoles. I haven't heard a thing to indicate that though. You go ahead and wait though. Have fun.

RumbleFish2065d ago

I would buy it for my PS3 and I certainly would buy a PS4 to play this game, but I would definitely prefer to play it on pc.

Can't wait to get my hands on the game anyway.

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Knight_Crawler2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

Looking great but am I the only one that does not like how the Fox Engine makes everything look like plastic, kind of reminds me of the early days on the Unreal Engine 3 where eveything looked like it was coverd in wax.

I know that its raining in the above pic but the character still look like he was soaked in oil instead of water.

Edit: Also I did not like the animation on the demo when the coat tail of the burnt guy was flapping in the wind...the movement did not look natrual and botherd me - I know its a small thing but I am picky like that.

Summons752066d ago

You do realize this is no where near the final build and will be a lot more polished when it dose eventually get released right?

Knight_Crawler2066d ago

I know its not the final build…did not eat my Nutella sandwich this morning and feel miserable so just felt like complaining about something :(

Lets hope the final build removes the plastic look…Loved MGS4 and the engine used for that game was boss (pun intended) so expect nothing but perfection from Kojima when MGS Ground Zero is released.

Also can we call MGS Ground Zero MGS 5?

rezzah2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

Its alright to be picky about details, i do the same thing.

Nice that you pointed it out as I was too captivated by how gorgeous it looked. If I watch it many more times I'm sure to spot other issues.

Still there is always room for improvement.

Edited for wrong word.

violents2066d ago

I think you only get that because of the lighting effects. His hair also looks gray in those shots and I believe the fox team said that is only because of the lighting in that scene. If you think about it he is in the dark with a lot of lights in front of him so you would have a lot of reflections from the water. We just have to wait and see i guess. I'm excited to see a final product. MGS KICKS ASS!

Whitefox7892066d ago

We can't call Ground Zeroes MGS5 because its not MGS5; its basically a game that leads to the events of MGS5.

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StraightPath2066d ago

rel excited about this game!!! wonder when they say open world

is it like skyrim or gta open world? or is it like crysis open world with large levels with hub.

Outside_ofthe_Box2066d ago

***"Cool. Shaping up to become a great game"***

That is an understatement, especially since Kojima is making this one.

***"The day and night cycle will be a 24 hour cycle"***

Is it literally 24 hours? If so, that means if you actually experience the day-night change you most likely have been playing the game too long lol.

***"You can return to your base at any time using the helicopter. The helicopter can get shot down though
After you board your helicopter, you travel in real time"***

I'm actually surprise that you travel real time in the heli. I thought you'd just skip to the checkpoint/base once you get on.

***"You can walk around your base, and design it, maybe possible from your smartphone. Designing your base is optional, and will not be required"***

I can already see myself spending hours designing the base lol.

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nrvalleytime2066d ago

I was thinking the same, especially with the helicopter information.

Nate-Dog2066d ago

PAX didn't reveal that you could build your own base or that Peace Walker's R&D ideas may be used again.

Batzi2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

we saw that coming. Operations Director of Eurogamer Network Tom Bramwell said that Kojima was planning to reveal a "surprise" and I don't think "building" a base can be qualified as a "surprise". Even Kojima himself tweeted that he was preparing something for Eurogamer Expo. And I can't believe Kojima flew all the way from Japan to London just to tell us that Ground Zeroes will be based off Peace Walker's experience. :P There is something missing. Eurogamer Expo just started and Kojima still has something to do on the 28th. So let's wait and see.

Nate-Dog2066d ago

Oh I agree, there was supposed to be a surprised and there are still days left of Eurogamer to reveal something so maybe he's just making people wait (as he always does), but still he has revealed some info that is new.

nrvalleytime2066d ago

I truly, truly hope Kojima pulls this off well. Ground Zeroes looks like the best MGS game yet, so more power to him and his development team.

Nyxus2066d ago

As far as I know, at least some of the info is new. Some of it just gives some more details.

Summons752066d ago

Please make an English trailer soon. I can't wait to hear the sweet sweet voice of David Hayter give life to Big Boss once again =]

-Gespenst-2066d ago

I have a feeling we'll get Richard Doyle...

Braid2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

Some people always get that feeling, starting from Portable Ops, and David Hayter always get the job. This will be no different. Snake is only a couple of years older in this game, your voice don't age in a couple of years like that.

There's no way Kojima will overlook this detail and do whatever it takes to give the job to Hayter. The man's known for his attention to little details, he would never ever do such a mistake.

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