Wii U: 7 Reasons It’s Already Won The Next-Gen Battle

It’s hard to imagine it’s been 6 years since the Wii was launched. Many wrote it off, calling it technically underpowered and claiming a gimmick such as motion control would not sell consoles in the current age of high definition. Nintendo’s little white box went on to sell 96 million units worldwide and in the process, opened up gaming to a brand new audience. After an underwhelming E3, Nintendo are ready to take the gaming world by storm and prove that lightning really can strike twice.

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ape0072063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

wiiu is gonna be cool and everything BUT I do not consider it a true next gen system, more like an improved xbox360\ps3 from what I've seen so far, nothing on it's launch is as groundbreaking as Resistence 1 or perfect dark zero(graphics wise) Ghost recon advanced war fighter 1, Motorstorm 1 or CoD2 back in 2005 and 2006 with all honesty

Septic2063d ago

This is all just conjecture obviously- we haven't got the slightest clue about what Sony and MS have up their sleeves.

Why are all of whatculture's articles, lists? I know its primarily done for hits but it really is annoying not having an option where you can see everything on one page.

darthv722063d ago

i can only assume people dont really know how these generations are defined. Some base them off the technical specs. I would choose to base them on the comparative of a previous system.

With that in mind, this is Nintendo's 6th console release. As such it surpasses their previous wii by a significant margin. That alone places it into the category of next gen.

I am not going to say this system won or that system won. To be honest, if you love to play games then the real winner is the gamer.

sikbeta2063d ago


It doesn't depend on anyone but those who will make games for it, IF it sells like the wii and by being and HD system it has the chance of getting all third parties on board, becoming the defacto HW for developers and leaving XBX3+PS4 with ports.

I doubt it'll happen because MS has all the Third Party Devs in the pocket with their systems being pretty straight forward and easier to develop for, something that help devs alot, but the possibility for the wii-u exist

blitz06232063d ago

Again, what is it with these "true next gen" statements? The Wii U is next gen because it succeeds the Wii, period.

In regards to the article, it's still premature to be saying the Wii U already won, especially given those 7 reasons.

jsslifelike2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

What the eff? 1 reason on each page just to get more hits? Save your clicks folks...

AsimLeonheart2062d ago

Man, what is up with all these Nintendo fans??? They are getting over-excited just over 2GB RAM. What about the CPU and GPU?? If Nintendo is hiding the specs then there is something they are ashamed and afraid of disclosing. If they were truly next-generation then they would announce the specs proudly. Oh and please do not claim WiiU next-generation just because it is the successor to Wii. Enough with the semantics. It is an established fact what the word next-generation means in the console gaming world and that is a significant jump in hardware specifications and performance. The Nintendo Wii only sold because of the gimmick and the fad. Look at it now once the fad is over and bubble has burst. Millions of Wiis are collecting dust under the sofas, tables and beds. On the other hand look at PS360 selling perfectly with AAA games still arriving on the system. Besides the soccer moms, girls and grannies are not going to upgrade to WiiU because they are not interested in playing Mass Effect, COD and Batman in 1080p or 60fps so the sales aren't going to be similar to Wii. Nintendo fooled the world once but it will not work twice.

darthv722062d ago

"Oh and please do not claim WiiU next-generation just because it is the successor to Wii. Enough with the semantics. It is an established fact what the word next-generation means in the console gaming world and that is a significant jump in hardware specifications and performance"

So you don't think the wii-u is a "significant jump in hardware specification and performance"? Im sorry but next gen can mean exactly that. It is the next generation of (insert platform here).

Now Im not going to ask how long you have been gaming but the "generations" were not specific to years or decades but to the hardware cycles of the companies releasing them.

Some had minor improvements and others had major improvements. Yet somewhere down the line, a group of gamers decided to create an association of when a platform was (new enough for them) deemed 'next-gen' in relation to whatever platforms were out at the time.

That is where it gets all screwed up. They tried to associate them in bits (8bit, 16bit, 32bit...). We had overlapping 'bits', 32bit at same time as 16bit and 64 and 128 get the idea.

The term next generation (in regards to a game console) is determined to the relation of the previous product. So to be more specific. We are on the 5th generation of nintendo hardware approaching the 6th. Sony is on their 3rd. MS their 2nd. both of which will likely release 'next-gen' systems soon enough.

You can define it how you like but those of us who have been gaming for over 30+ years know how its laid out.

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Perjoss2063d ago

Don't underestimate the head start!

MS managed to keep up with Sony with a broken console that Japan wasn't even interested in. I think the 1 year head start helped a lot.

neogeo2063d ago

+ bub for understanding the world:)

AIndoria2062d ago

I lol'ed at the "Broken console" part but fair enough sir. Bubble to you.

Neonridr2063d ago

lol - you think Perfect Dark Zero is groundbreaking? Wow.. Personally if the console on launch day can put out a game that runs 1080p/60 frames per second, then that is a huge accomplishment for a system that devs are barely scraping the surface on. If you compare launch games from the PS360 to games they are putting out now, they are night and day different in terms of visual quality and overall scope. Imagine what developers could do in 2-3 years time once they fully learn how to utilize the Wii U's architecture. But if it's doing now what the 360 and PS3 took 6 years to do, then that's not too shabby at all.

Imalwaysright2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

When Perfect Dark was released it was a graphical powerhouse and one of the best looking games in the industry. I have yet to see something from the Wii U that makes me say "next gen is here". Not saying that the Wii U isnt capable of producing that level of graphical fidelity but so far nothing on it looks leaps and bounds better than what PS360 can produce.

ape0072063d ago

The game was nothing compared to the legendary N64 title, how ever I was amazed when I saw it's gfx back then

Theyellowflash302063d ago

ape007 what are you talking about?
- Resistence 1 and Perfect Dark Zero were ground breaking graphics wise?

What are you smoking. Black on the Xbox 1 almost looked as good as those games. COD 2 did not look ground breaking.

I thought God of War 2 and Resident Evil 4 looked better than many launch 360 games. Wii U can run games like Assassin's Creed 3, ZombiU, Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2, ect at the beginning of its lifecycle, no doubt games will look better and better as the generation goes on.

Not to mention system power has nothing to do with who wins the console race. PS1, PS2, and Wii are perfrect examples of that.

Thatguy-3102063d ago

Thats dumb. How can you declare one console already the winner when 1. It hasn't released 2. The competition hasn't announced their new console. Let's just wait and see.

kneon2063d ago

Not only that but at least a couple of their reasons are just wrong and some are subjective, some are just temporary and some are yet to be proven.

neogeo2063d ago

Have you ever thought that when the PS4/720 are announced that maybe Nintendo will also announce ANOTHER system to match? That would be a double KO. Get 96 million with the original Wii then get another quick 50 million or more with WiiU and when the next systems are announced they are ready to do it again!

aquamala2063d ago

I guarantee you we'll have PS4 launch games that don't look as good as the best looking PS3 games.

JoNaZ_RG2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

I'm going to go STRAIGHT UP TO THE POINT. When the Xbox 360 came out, there was already games taking advantage of what the next gen games would look like, and they were on PC. Games like CoD2 that was a PC game is one great example. It was a game that could not look or run on PS2, Xbox1, and GCN. Now at this moment there is not a single game available on PC that we could say that won't be able to run on PS3 o Xbox 360 because they sure can run even if it is at 720p and a lower resolution but the difference wouldn't be so big, like Call of Duty 2 was compared to what the Xbox1 and PS2 were able to run. For that reason I am not getting Wii U on the release date and will wait because I want to see that particular next gen looking game to hit the PC world, so then developers can say that it will not be able to run on Wii U. SO PLEASE PPL SHUP UP WITH SAYING THAT WII U IS NOT REAL NEXT GEN AND WAIT UNTIL THAT NEXT GEN GAME COMES OUT SO WE CAN JUDGE, THANK YOU.


starchild2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

COD2 could have run on the Xbox or PS2, it just wouldn't have looked as good. COD2 doesn't look anywhere near as good as games we are getting on consoles now.

Now we have games like the Witcher 2 on PC that looks much better than any console game, but it can run on the Xbox...only with reduced graphics. The PC version has much better textures, more advanced lighting, higher polygon models, better shadow quality and quantity, less pop-in, less aliasing, and runs at higher resolutions and framerates.

There are quite a few games on PC that can't run on consoles without massive downgrades.

SegataShanshiro2062d ago

Se ve que te gusta el Platano

JoNaZ_RG2062d ago

@starchild, come on, the Witcher 2 is just a game that looks good this gen not something we can call Next Gen. You don't seem to understand my point. Call of Duty 2 on PC and Xbox 360 looked like a huge leap from the Call of Duty 2 spin-off on PS2 and xbox1. For that reason I don't think there is even a next gen engine that is being used at the moment that would show a huge leap from what we are used to right now.

@Andree1991, obviamente porque soy Dominicano. Que bobo!

ninjabake2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

You thought Resistance and Perfect dark were groundbreaking? Hmm OK... well tell me that its leaps and bounds better looking than this original Xbox game (chronicles of riddick)

ape0072062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

xbox 1 was truly amazing, i loved it so much, not only riddick but doom 3, chaos theory, HL2, NGB were amazing, they were truly ahead of their time graphically, xbox 1 was an exception, few games reached that hight graphically at that time, im talking about the other 97% of games compared to those 360 games

showtimefolks2062d ago

Ape007 don't say that because Nintendo fanboys this is true next gen and will be epic lol

Anyone with little common sense knows both Sony and ms will beat wiiu tech wise within 1-2 years. But the reason one should be excited about wiiu is because for the first time we play Nintendo 1st party exclusives in HD. Look I am not sure if wiiu is next gen or not that's personal opinion more than anything else.

Wii was last gen so now wiiu is joining xbox360 and ps3 in this gen and I don't now what's truely next gen when considering 2 consoles this gen were in HD so not sure what is so next gen. Ps2 to ps3 I understand but ps3 to ps4 or xbox360 to xbox720 is just new systems more than next gen

Also what's up with 7 reasons or 5 reasons articles? 5 reason why ps3 is the last Sony console. 5 reason why Sony will fail. 5 reasons why Sony failure this gen

Let it go people let it go

Enjoy games whether it's on of wiiu or any other

MakiManPR2062d ago

As already said countless of times. Next Gen's Graphics wont be a big jump like it was from PS2/XBOX to PS3/360. Wii U will do fine.

dantesparda2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

"Wii U: 7 Reasons It’s Already Won The Next-Gen Battle"

Reason 1. Because i think and believe this sh!t

Reason 2. Because i think and believe this sh!t

Reason 3. Because i think and believe this sh!t

Reason 4. Because i think and believe this sh!t

Reason 5. Because i think and believe this sh!t

Reason 6. Because i think and believe this sh!t

Reason 7. Because i think and believe this sh!t

This is what the writer of this article thinks

Im sorry but WiiU fanboys are even more delusional than PS3/360 fanboys. You's talk a big game. But seriously, the WiiU looks like another Wii situation to me. A console that will be underpowered in comparison to the competition. i like how Wii fanboys pump their chests at the fact that the WiiU has graphics comparable to this current gen's HD consoles. its pathetic really, but i guess thats what they have to do to make themselves feel better. Heck, you even have a bunch of develoers telling you its got serious weaknesses and deficiencies in comparison to current gen. And still Wii fanboys try and act tough. Fanboys will never get sh!t!

Knight_Crawler2062d ago

"more like an improved xbox360\ps3 from what I've seen so far"so if its better than the current ge does'nt that mean that its the nex gen?

Plus how do you know that MS or Sony will go full specs next gen? Times are hard and both Sony and MS learned from the PS3 launch - both MS and Sony will probably bring out a next gen console that is a little bit more poweful than the Wii U...but we will have to wait and see.

ConstipatedGorilla2062d ago

You thought Resistance 1 and Perfect Dark Zero were groundbreaking? That's hilarious.

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Carl_Shocker2063d ago

To say it's won without seeing the competition is just plain silly

iamnsuperman2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

I agree. Also a couple of these reasons are questionable especailly considering we have no idea what the other systems wil be like

Carl_Shocker2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )


If the PS4/720 is a good enough leap (maybe not the kind of leap we had to this gen but still good enough) and are strong, powerful machines which make the Wii U look like what the Wii was to the PS3/360 then I'm sorry but excluding sales (whatever they may be) the Wii U won't be a winner in my eyes.


If the PS4/720 dosen't look or feel that much differn't from the PS3/360 then I would glady accept the Wii U as a next gen console, not a HD Wii which what really should of came out in 2006 and other people will as well.

It all depends what will happen next E3 when the other two consoles are shown off

It's the reason why I'm waiting untill June next year to get a Wii U, after E3, because I'm pretty sure the PS4 and the 720 will be shown off. Plus by that time the Wii U will be cheaper and I'll have a wider vairety of games to choose from....Win/Win.

JoNaZ_RG2063d ago

Danm imnsuperman, you hit the point. If we don't know how those next gen game would look like and there is no single game on PC that would show the future, why should we judge the Wii U. Remember how the DreamCast was, at the beginning it had game that looked like Nintendo 64 ones with a little higher resolution, but I couldn't tell the difference.

ajax172062d ago

Way off-topic, but from what cartoon is your avatar from?! That is going to drive me insane if I don't know!

Carl_Shocker2062d ago

Johnny Bravo...the geeky guy from next door who even though Johnny calls all the time is classes as Johnnys best friend

He has two last names one being the one I have and then the other being Carl Chryniszzswics...but for logging into this site I chose the easiest one :)

rainslacker2063d ago

It may have won the battle...but has it already won the war? /sarcasm

GhostHero3332063d ago

It may have won the battle..... but the war hasn't even started yet.

Knight_Crawler2062d ago

What war are we talking about here? The Wii U will be miles ahead the PS4 adn 720 in terms of sales and games by time the both release.

Lvl_up_gamer2063d ago

I remember when the Wii was announced and EVERYONE was saying Nintendo are out of their minds. Now look at them. Now we have articles like this saying how Nintendo have won next gen....

Bottom line, you can't predict the market, you can only analyze it, measure it and make logical predictions based on current trends and numbers. This article just skips all that and jumps right to a speculated conclusion without even seeing what the competition is bringing.

Very premature if you ask me.

chukamachine2063d ago

Good post!

I think WII u will sell 40million.

Based on the fact that millions of customers are casuals and casuals wanted the Wii because of cheap price and family fun. I don't see that with the Wii u.

Most people i've spoken to don't like the new controller either. But as me and many others haven't tried it, who knows.

I would prefer one console system.


One console, One set of topend hardware, All the games that everyone would want. One price.

From Mario,Halo,Uncharted and all the rest.

metroid322063d ago

Try 150 million in 6 years remember i told u this.

Moonman2063d ago

I don't think he doesn't consider the competition. Just is saying that regardless of the competition, WiiU will have a good momentum that will keep them ahead because of these factors.