Halo 4: Where it Will Succeed and Where It Will Fail

Halo 4 is one of this year’s most anticipated titles. The true sequel to Halo 3, the “finale ” to what is considered the greatest console shooter series of all time. But what if Halo 4 doesn’t quite live up to the hype? What if it’s freaking amazing? It could go either way, and because of that, I’m here to go over where the game could blow us away or make us want to blow our heads off.

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TotalSynthesisX2004d ago

Halo 4 will fail because Marty isn't doing the soundtrack (even though you haven't even LISTENED to the new Halo 4 soundtrack samples) and Bungie isn't making the game? Seriously? What are you, six years old? Those are pathetic excuses, bro.

Knight_Crawler2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Agreed - People are always afraid of change and are quick to write off something before they even give it a chance. This guy has already put in his head that Halo4 music wont be great becuase Marty is gone which will cause him to not enjoy the awesomnes full experiance that is Halo.

I understand that Bungie is no longer their either but true Halo fans should be happy that Bungie left becuase Reach felt like Bungie was just doing Halo becuase they had an agreement with MS and just wanted to finish quick and move on. 343i developers are putting there soul and love for what they do into Halo 4 and I wont let anything change that.

The Chief is back and I love how 343i is going to make us see the more human side of MC.

r212003d ago

Arent 343 made of ex-bungie folks who wanted to stay to make halo 4? Btw, what the heck is up with whatculture and putting each item of their lists one page each? :L

IronFistChinMi2003d ago

Only a few ex-Bungie staff are in 343, mostly it consists of devs from other big studios that wanted to work on the Halo franchise.

Out of the ex-Bungie staff, they probably got the best person to lead in Frankie O'Connor.

robavila952003d ago

Halo 4 will only fail in disappointing me :)

josephayal2003d ago

Fun gameplay and well designed guns, Halo is the best shooter in my opinion it's just so much more fun then the others, plus with all the different types of customs games it really doesn't get old.

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