Wii U Experience Recap writes: " has recently had the pleasure to attend Nintendo’s private event, The Wii U Experience. This was an event that any gamers around the world would have loved to attend, especially those of you who are anticipating the release of the Wii U system. The Wii U experience had the new Wii U systems on display with many games for people to get a hands-on experience with. All the festivities jammed into this event quickly proved to be a booming success!"

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TheSuperior 1901d ago

That event looked so cool. I want a Wii U!

SheaHoff1901d ago

I wish more of these events happened around where I live!

GhostHero3331901d ago

I went to gamestop expo and they had a huge floor for the wii U. They had every game there mentioned in the article. Got to play most of them. Also they had many other games from all developers. And I got to play black ops 2 multiplayer. So no im not upset about missing this event. I went to IMO a better event a month ago.