New Project CARS Screenshots Showcase Some Of The Best Rain Effects In A Racing Game

DSOGaming writes: "So you thought that Project CARS looked great, right? Well wait until you see the following screenshots that show off the improved weather system that will be implemented soon on Slightly Mad Studios’ upcoming racing game. These screenshots were captured by the development team - spotted by Guru3D’s member ‘Leviathan-’ – and showcase some of the best rain effects we’ve ever seen. Reflections are also top notch, something that makes things even better. Enjoy!"

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Mkai282002d ago

When is this game coming out, because this is the best looking racer I have seen so far. Better looking then Forza and Gt5.:0

NVIDIAGeek2002d ago

March '13. Can't wait for this and Assetto Corsa.

ninjabake2002d ago

This just may give Forza a run for its money.

B_Rian892002d ago

suffers from the same problem as GT5. Its raining but the cars are still dry

chukamachine2002d ago

Forza 3 hasn't got anywhere near this graphically or 4.

This is GT5 graphics, with more detail.

Day/night cycle. Weather. Forza has none of those. Because forza does not have a dynamic lighting system.

Hasanhastam2002d ago

They show just super fast cars hope they dont forget classic

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