In Paranormal Activity 4, Kinect Shows Just Scary Product Placement Can Be

Kotaku - The way Kinect works is that it sends out all these little beams of light. That's how it can read movements and know when you flail about your living room. Those tracking dots are also perfect for creepy horror movies—and Microsoft product placement.

Thatguy-3101314d ago

That blond chick is pretty hot!!! Makes me want to get a kinect and try this myself lol

SlavisH21314d ago

now that's just stupid, butters :P

vortis1314d ago

Why do you have so many disagrees?

It's like a crime against core gaming and common sense.

r211314d ago

Saw this yesterday, pretty freaky stuff, especially with those green night mode kinect dots.

maniacmayhem1314d ago

I never understood the Paranormal Activity popularity. In fact I never understood the home camera type of movie. I mean for people to stan there and film every little detail just takes me right out of the suspense of the movie.

hazelamy1313d ago

Milo's angry at his game getting cancelled. O_O