Penny Arcade Weighs in on DMC4's Mandatory PS3 Load Times

Devil May Cry 4's 20+ minute mandatory load time is the subject of Penny Arcade's comic.

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prowiew3670d ago

what was capcom thinking. Funny

xaphanze3670d ago

that wasnt all

littletad3670d ago

NO, it was... NO, really.

ReBurn3670d ago

Funny or not, it's true.

Bnet3433670d ago

It's not funny, it's the truth.

wageslave3670d ago

Is your PS3 emitting a funny distortion field?

B1tches love Sanskrit <- hillarious.

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Truplaya3670d ago

You need to chill out and get a sense of humour.

Admit it, its quite funny that you have to wait 20 minutes to play a game that is EXACTLY the same on another console (except for the lack of vibration in PS3 controllers).

phalanges3670d ago

but I also don't have to wait long on each loading site. You take the good with the bad.

avacadosnorkel3670d ago

My dual Shock 3 controller rumbles for the DMC4 demo.

I could care less about the game and won't buy it, but if I did it would have rumble.

MikeGdaGod3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

and when i bought the game, i put it in the system, checked N4G, then played the game.

i didn't miss the 20 mins

EDIT: i love that people disagree with my DS3 doing what its suppose to do and me not missing 20 mins. i guess they find it hard to believe that when someone comes home after a busy day, they don't jump right on video games.

thankyou for reading my mind and knowing what i do with my time better than i do. appreciate it

DJ3670d ago

And my Dual Shock 3 is rumbling, so I don't know what that guy is talking about...

Seraphim3670d ago

actually my Dualshock 3 works quite nicely w/ DMC 4 as well. As does it with Unreal 3 and many other games...

I've yet to play the 360 version [probably just rent it] so I don't have anything to compare my PS3 version to. But for the most part the load times are excellent. Anywhere from instant to a couple seconds tops for actual gameplay loads. To me, if having to endure 20 minutes for an install ensures I don't have to wait for load times in game then I'm all for it. I'd rather have an initial wait than have to wait for load times in game. Granted the 20 minutes you just spent probably broke you even once all the load times from the other version are added up and compared, but I'm all for playing my game quickly when I'm actually playing. Not having to wait for load times, and the quicker the load times the better.

& the 20 minutes was actually a good thing. I forget to toss the game in while I was putting together my new sleep number bed, but in general it was a busy day. While having to wait for the install I was able to pay my credit card bill, grab a soda, and fill out the paperwork to change my direct deposit. :P It kinda worked to my benefit.

ry-guy3670d ago

I have it for the 360 and the load times are either instantaneous or very brief, just the same as the PS3's version. There is no real tangible benefit for the install on the PS3.

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mighty_douche3670d ago

Its 20 minutes... you really have a sad life if you cant find something to do for 20 minutes...

hey maybe a few of you could sign up for or something, you know, try and find a life outside of your console...

"20 minutes,,, aarrggghhh this is an outrage, i cant wait that long...." [email protected]

ruibing3670d ago

Hmm, my recommendations for ways to fill up 20 mins for these two weeks:

1) Get a gift for your loved ones and make plans as Valentine's day is coming.
2) Go for a jog in the crisp winter season.
3) Take a bath (way too many people think a shower every other day is enough).
4) Watch some TV, the new season of Jericho is starting soon.

Exhaust3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Do you not get the point that the problem is the install being FORCED? How do you not comprehend that forcing this is retarded on a console?

Having this as an OPTION would have been a bonus for the PS3 version but instead they make it mandatory. What if you have a 40GB PS3 and filled it up with videos and you don't have a full 5GB of space? What you going to say those people are wastes of life to because they don't want to delete tons of data before they can play a freaking game?

Fanboys in general are stupid but it seems on this site anyway the PS3 fanboys are the worst. You guys drink so much Sony koolaid you can't even see reality. I'm not even talking crap about the PS3. I like mine but this is stupid.

tweaker3670d ago

Technology is adapting. LEARN to adapt.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3670d ago

Technology is adapting. LEARN to "Wait".

DaDarkKnight3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Heres my little comics what I made. lol

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