PS3rd class citizens: why is Europe still Sony's bitch? reckons that Europe has been given a rough ride by Sony over the past year. Is really that bad or is it time for things to change?

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Iamback3757d ago

I hate title, it is so anti Sony and fanboyish

avacadosnorkel3757d ago

SONY products are really really well made in the world of electronics.

Whether it's TV's, Cd players, DVD, Blu-ray, or games.

When you buy one it lasts.

Other companies don't have the same quailty control and break.


before the playstaion , my dad always told me to get sony ,,it last forever and tell me there products doesnt look good ...

Boldy3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Yeah, those PS1s where you had to tilt it on it's side for it to work, or those PS2s with the defective DVD drive, or even those defective Sony laptops that would spontaneously explode. That sure is some high quality stuff right there. Yes let's all just ignore Sony's faults and just focus on Microsoft's RROD. Face it, it's impossible for ALL of one companies products to be fail proof. It happens with Sony, Microsoft, Mattel (lead poisoning), etc.

barom3757d ago

yes but a under 5% failure rates is normal. 30% IS NOT!!! 30% is unforgiveable.

And if you do get a working Sony product it lasts forever, my PS2 still works today as the day I bought it and I bought it like 6-7 years ago. I never even cleaned it. I'm spoiled dirty kid. And my PS1's laser kinda went bad, but only after 10 years of use!

Sez 3757d ago

you have a point. i have said this many times about sony products such as problems with the ps1,ps2,and laptop and the batteries exploding. but as i realized is that it only falls on deaths ears. because fanboys and games site deny it was a major problem. yet post endless threads about the 360. now i not said the that RROD isn't bad. but lets be fair here. sony just started making a reliable product with the ps3.

PS. for the guy that said it's only 5% of ps2 that suffered with the dre problem. sony never to this day. ever admitted to the failure rate of the ps1 or ps2. so where do you get 5%.

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resistance1003757d ago

I disagree, all companies treat us like this. Plus now the situation isn't as half as bad as it used to be. Sony giving US region Free games is a god send and they aren't praised enough for that

The Killer3757d ago

what a loosers!!
they couldnt find anything negative so they made this story!

everyone knows europe way or distributing and taxes and everything is so much different than USA and JAP, and they have multilanguages to consider and many different regions and countries to consider, thats why always they get things later! europe is a continent not a country thats what americans keep forgetting!

resistance1003757d ago

People also forget that PAL games have to be configred for 570i not 480i and the age rating system takes longer over here.

Mr_Kuwabara3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

<sarcasm><p>Yes because Sony is the ONLY company that treats Europeans this way.
Shame on you Sony! </sarcasm> </p>

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