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Submitted by ShadyDevil 1159d ago | news

Dishonored On PC Has 'Potential' For 60 FPS

TGH Writes: "Many games in development have shifted focus towards consoles instead of PC development while others have teams working on individual platforms to squeeze the most out of each. Dishonored's Arkane Studios falls under the later, having no lead development platform. Yet PC fans should be happy to know that their beloved choice for gaming will have the 'potential' for 60 FPS (frames per second)." (Dishonored, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

decrypt  +   1159d ago
Lol 60fps on PC depends on the hardware, its not like developers can tailor the game to run at 60fps unless they pull some shit like Rage where the game reduces graphics settings automatically on lower end machines.

In any case PC gamers have the option to tweak their games to their desire. If someone has lower end hardware yet prefers 60fps they may reduce some of the graphical effects and try to achieve 60fps. On the other hand some may be satisfied with 30fps and would rather prefer a better looking game.

PC gaming is all about preference. Personally most mid to entry level hardware from the last 2-3 years can easily max out most console ports without an issue. Unless there is a game like BF3 or Metro 2033, any 150-200usd GPU can give the maxed out experience at 60fps 1080p.
ShadyDevil  +   1159d ago
So, I dont know much about computers as I do not game on them. Let me ask this though, why do you hear developers always say 'we are going to try to make this run at 60FPS' and 'we are aiming for 60fps'. Then when the game releases its like 30fps instead. Consoles and PC as well. If its purely hardware based, than wouldn't that mean that 60 FPS isn't possible on consoles or EVERYONE would be doing it?

As for PC, the developer made the statement as I said below and we just reporting on it.
DeadlyFire  +   1159d ago
More like 160+ fps potential

To be fair some games do get fps lock on them.
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konnerbllb  +   1159d ago
Why is this guy even writing articles about gaming if he has no idea what he's talking about.
ShadyDevil  +   1159d ago
Thats cool man. Funny part is, that the story part of it is that the a quote from a developer. They said it has 'potential' for 60 FPS. We didn't just make that up...the developer said that. So, before you go accusing the writer. Read the article, not just the title :).

Moreover, I understand that it was a questionable statement that was made by the dev. So we will see, again, we just report it all that was done was quoting the developer and also mentioning that there will be an option for enhanced FOV in the PC version.
konnerbllb  +   1159d ago
99.9% of pc games allow you to run a game at a variable framerate depending on your system specs. Only recently have there been restrictions because of direct porting from console. Dark Souls PC is the only game that comes to mind, it was locked to 30fps.
ShadyDevil  +   1159d ago
Well, there you go. You just answered your own question. Maybe Dishonored is a port from consoles? We don't know. No reason to attack the writer.

Also I understand that the vast majority of PC games allow variable framerate. I just hope Dishonored looks great across all platforms and PC games dont have issues at the beginning like with Dark Souls and have to wait for a patch.
T900  +   1159d ago

Darksouls is just one example out of so many games released for the PC that is actually locked at 30fps. This was fixed by the PC community and was unlocked.

Back to the quote "Dishonored On PC Has 'Potential' For 60 FPS"

The problem with this is, nearly any game can run at 60fps or more on the PC it just depends on the hardware of the PC. PC hardware is not fixed hence more powerful systems tend to provide more FPS. Hence i think the developer using the word "potential" seems a mistake on the devs part. Its a phrase they should use for console development since the hardware is static on consoles.
Somebody  +   1159d ago
Game developers really should trust PC gamers more with variable options. PC gamers are known to be tweakers so locking down a lot of options, especially those that are important, is a bad idea.

Take for example, Dark Souls. If From Software is not confident with their PC game making skill, that's fine and understandable. Just leave a lot of options in the game for the gamers to decide what's best for themselves. id tried to simplify stuff with Rage and look at what happened : they brought back some of the advanced options that should've been in the game in the place. Gearbox learned a lot from Borderlands and gave a ton of options in the sequel.

Arma 2 was a mess when it launched but that didn't deter people from buying it. There were a lot of options to tweak and BI is still adding more options for gamers to try for themselves.

Here's an idea : why not just put an obscene amount of options in a PC game and let the gamers push things around. All the while the game would remember those tweaks and report back (with permission of course) to the developers about what tweaks work best with what kind of hardware configuration. So instead of looking through frustration-filled forums for any problem with the game, the devs will have a live and constant update of their game's performance. Wouldn't it be nice if the developers are the ones who are first to notify any new bugs and have started making a fix long before anyone started a thread bitching about it?
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nihonlight  +   1159d ago
Bethesda tells people anything they want to hear even if it's a half truth or lie
Seems something in the water at Bethesda has affected arkane.
Sales sales sales yells Pete Hines
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ninjahunter  +   1158d ago
Well, im glad that it will match the standard that 99.9% of Pc games have attained. Unlocked FPS, the new technology.

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