PlayStation Conversation: Why Does the 360 Lose Exclusives?

When you're the No. 1 HD console, do games matter? We discuss in a PlayStation Conversation!

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insomnium21878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

MS turned casual after their first few years of aggressive hc-campaigning paid off and got the hc-audience to take the plunge. No need to pay them attention anymore outside the usual 2-3 franchises. It's all about timed exclusivity and Kinect so no wonder thy are losing exclusives.

Gotta say well played MS. Well played.

shivvy241878d ago

if ms only invested the same money on new awesome ip's instead of kinect then man wouldnt it be awesome !

darthv721878d ago

does this count as MS losing an exclusive? I mean its not like they owned it or anything. To me an exclusive is something the is held dear to the parent company to the point that no possible way would it end up anywhere else unless pried from their cold dead fingers.

Sonic is a good example of that. As sega died from the console market and so their software had no other choice but to whore him out to other platforms.

The term "exclusive" has been so overly used that it has almost lost all its meaning. Especially how we can add an addendum to it to reflect something different. ex: console exclusive, timed exclusive, etc.

The only real "exclusives" are those that the parent company makes themselves (1st party) or they have divisions within the company that make them (2nd party) but when it comes to the 3rd's fair game.

Some pay high premiums to get the good (MS) or they pay to keep the goods (Sony).

Ben_Grimm1878d ago

Ignorence again. MS published the first ME but never owned the IP. And MS holds just as many exlusives that do well just like Sony, but being so blind and a child to one system of course you won't see that.

Now I know, I know. You'll probably use the same tired and boring rant of "back in 2006-07" that you always do but I think it's time for some new material don't you think?

insomnium21878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

And here we have ben grimm of all people rushing to save MS. As usual you feel the need to do it.

This is the very same ben grimm who is always crying for "teh proof" about things that went on in 2006-2007. That ship has sailed my friend. All you get right now from all those old bookmarks from 6 years back is "this page is no longer available" and such. Too bad for you the proof is nowhere to be found anymore.

You can however even today go to MC and confirm the thing that made me block you. I cannot fathom the idea why someone would have so much energy about these things and cannot go to MC and confirm the amount of "only games above 90 in MC are AAA"-games for each platform and even then call someone an idiot. You can filter games by release year (atleast used to) you know?

But here we are again ignoring the past and being a smartass to the veteran users. That's sure to get you somewhere in life.

WOW a disagree after 1 minute? That's fast even for you ben.

grayfoxx8811878d ago

This post shows a certain level of IGNORANCE, there you go, that's how you actually spell that word. If you look at the numbers, Microsoft does not have as many exclusives as Sony. Calling someone a child doesn't instill any confidence in your case, either. Look at Microsoft's E3 presentation, and that will tell you what direction they are heading with the 360, and possibly with their next generation platform.

Ben_Grimm1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

My bad, ignorance, you are right I spelled it wrong. I also spelled exclusives wrong, but you didn't catch that one ;)
And god forgive and help me for I have posted a list on N4G.
*gets down on one knee and kisses the cross*

Fable Journey
Gears of War: Judgement
Halo 4
Dust Elysian Tale
Star Wars
Steel Batallion
Diabolical Pitch
Trials Evolution
Alan Wake American Nightmare
Sine Mora
Dead Light
Mark of the Ninja
Forza Horizon
Kinect Rush
Fable: Heroes

Some PC/360 games:
Witcher 2
Dungeon Fighter Live

I'm sure I missed a few and yes I know, a lot of people will come in here and say "but those are Kinect titles and Kinect is bad!" or "those are xbl titles so those don't count" But to say that MS doesn't have the numbers is IGNORANCE.

And this proves that MS does have the games as someone pointed out below MS is no longer interested in.

Both sides of the wall have great games and they BOTH shouldn't be downplayed.

Edit: When I say both sides I mean Sony and MS...even Nintendo.

fermcr1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

"PlayStation Conversation: Why Does the 360 Lose Exclusives?"

Simply because Microsoft doesn't care about exclusives. They are more worried about timed DLC and timed exclusives.

Ben_Grimm1878d ago

Defending MS? No my son, just pointing out how clearly wrong you are since every chance you get you try and slam MS with false accusations and clear hatred. Funny how you think I’m a 360 fanboy. I could have sworn I was a Nintendo fanboy.

I have already explained to you many times the idiocy in your whole AAA argument but you are so dense and ignorant that you just keep saying "back in 2007-08" over and over again. Seriously you must have gotten your feelings hurt pretty bad back then.

I even provided links (that still work by the way) from this very site to you that proved you wrong. But then when the proof was against you like a true coward you ran, hid and blocked me.

I love how you refer to yourself as a veteran user. Being a veteran user doesn't make you any smarter or wiser, obviously. Get your head out of the past, remove this chip on your shoulder against people who are not even on this site anymore. And I didn't disagree with you so stop giving yourself credit.

greenpowerz1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

MSFT knows the balance between multi plats and exclusives, they know what gamers can afford. Maximizing 1st and 3rd party game sales and market share, only possible with strong 3rd party success is the most important goal to MSFT.

Pumping out a bunch of fluff exclusives risking flooding the xbox market with shovelware/fluffware would put them at risk killing their plan. MSFT's plan worked, they have PS2-ish relationships with devs. I can see MSFT mixing it up more later next gen if they can take the Wii u after taking PS3 this gen.

Sony depended on exclusives even more so with Nintendo to the point of failing most the industry(outside of casuals and nintendo 1st party)

MSFT stuck to the PS2-ish strategy. At this point wasting money on studios is a waste for MSFT(saturated industry in any given year, bad economy, ps2 plan worked but It's the end of gen.

MSFT does not know what standing 720 will be in next gen so buying studios would be foolish and closing then like Sony is now would be bad)

Thatguy-3101878d ago

Well now a days, consoles aren't bought solely for gaming hence why Microsoft has done well. Plus they keep catering to the casual too. But Sony is doing fine and as long as they keep making hard hitting games they will always have support from the gamers consumer. Yea there last but people make it seem like if Microsoft is demolishing them like the ps2 did to the xbox.

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RivetCityGhoul1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

personally i just think both EA & BioWare are trying to get back in the good graces of mass effect fans after the whole ME3 ending situation. An they're starting off with bringing Mass Effect 1 to PlayStation. though it would make alot of sense to put the Mass Effect trilogy out on the wii u instead of just putting ME3 out separately.

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Belking1878d ago

It really doesn't matter anymore. There will be less of them in the coming generation anyway. MS's plan of a certain amount of exclusives backed by strong 3rd party really worked for them. I see no reason to change that. I'm satisfied because I really don't care who a game is published by. if the game is good the game is good.

Lucretia1878d ago

how can their be less if Sony has so many 1st party studios???

sure there will be less 3rd party exclusives, but what matters most is 1st party games when it comes to exclusives.

MS doesnt make games so they are sorta screwed like that

HiddenMission1878d ago

It worked to a degree for MS but so did the year head start and lower price point. Those initiatives gave MS an 8 million plus unit lead over PS3 for several years.

The issue is that as PS3's list of 1st party exclusives grew and lower price point coupled with all of the offerings from PS+ the gap started to shrink.

While there have been a ton of doom and gloom PS posts the reality that these authors intentionally neglect is that shrinking a gap of 8 million to under 2 million in a matter of years with the above mentioned issue is beyond impressive.

Here is why when each of the HD consoles is between 66 and 68 million units sold 8 million is a huge portion of the market share that is lost.

With each of the current HD consoles going neck and neck on a global scale the reality is that the exclusives in PS3's favor are what has allowed it to outsell the 360 on a weekly global basis for over two years (minus US Holidays). I'm not talking vastly outselling but enough to have closed the gap by over 6 million units.

Last piece that I want to add is that the 6 million unit gap was closed in 2 1/2 years since the slim launched by that math by the end of next year if trends continue PS3 will have moved ahead of the 360 on a global level (not NA).

So as the video ignorantly puts foward do exclusives matter...the truth is and always will be yes they do. Games like Halo and Gears are what built the 360's install base but have not grown it. It's that same logic of constant new IP's from Sony that have continued to grow it's install base.

Hope this helps to clear things up.

CalvinKlein1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

dreamcast had a head start and lower price point, dead in 1 year.

Fact is sony went from dominating in first to fighting to TRY and get second. MS and nintendo have done alot better then last gen.

Clearly you think going from 1st with ps1/ps2 to fighting not to be last with ps3 that still has more exclusives means their strategy is working?

Upon reading your post HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. "in a matter of years" ahahahhaha. Almost catching up to second place in a matter of 6 years isnt exactly selling that great and shows that the strategy isnt working. Im sure if sony sacrificed some exclusives they could have gotten an exclusive GTA or something and then they would be in 2nd place maybe(you think this means they are special or something to be in 2nd right).

aquamala1878d ago

most games are multi plat these days, that's a good thing. look at the top selling games on PS3, PS3 owners are not playing the exclusives. so much talk on console wars but we're playing mostly the same games.

yesmynameissumo1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Because they aren't in this to push gaming. They're in this solely for the money. Of course Nintendo and Sony are in this for the money too (it is a business), but their decisions seem to be based more around gamers and gaming, not market share and sales. They all have gimmicks, but when you look at the games, Sony seems to be the most indie/creative friendly ecosystem, Nintendo the most hardware savvy, game centric ecosystem. It boils down to preference and I'm simply sharing mine. For me, the exclusives on the Xbox don't pull me to that system or its community. Sony and Nintendo do.

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