True power of PlayStation 3 to be revealed in 2008

2008 will be a boom time for the PlayStation 3, say leading developers.

"Once you put the effort in and start to understand the hardware, you can see PS3's huge technical potential," enthused Dave Connell, the lead console programmer at Traveller's Tales. Connell also noted that the challenge associated with the PlayStation 3's synergistic processor units (SPUs) is vitally important when it comes to truly accessing the console's promise. "We are going to see the quality of PS3 titles improve for many years to come as people get to grips with them," he added. "It might turn out that things we've not even thought of end up best demonstrating the power of PS3."

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avacadosnorkel3668d ago

No mention about Killzone 2? I thought that was the whole point. It was supposed to be a big article about how Killzone 2 is the most technically impressive game ever created.

I think it's been the most expensive ever.

resistance1003668d ago

I would still say Killzone 2 will far suceed Resistance 2 in terms of graphics/sound/lighting etc.

The main point of Killzone 2 is to show off the PS3 as good as they can, hense why they are investing all this time and money in it. The last images we saw came from E3 last year, its now being released a whole year after that, so you know its going to look even better than that.

marinelife93668d ago

30% of the PS3 hardware. I'm still waiting to hear from a developer that they are only needing 30% of the 360's power.

I heard Valve say they were pushing the 360 to the limit with the Orange Box but only using the PPU and RSX on the PS3.

ThaGeNeCySt3668d ago

You heard a fake interview.

potenquatro3668d ago

@1.3 where did you hear valve say that? my laptop with 128mbnvidia fx go 5700 runs orange box everything high 2xaa dxlevel9 at a steady 45-55 fps no overclocking. how exacly is the 512mbati on the xbox being used to its full potential? is the 2x256mb7800nvidia(rsx) on the ps3 being used to its full potential?why wouldn't it? how do you get agrees? anyway. i don't kow about killzone, but yea, games are looking very nice.

gaffyh3667d ago

@1.4/1.5 - I also heard this a while back, Valve said that Orange Box used about 90% of the 360s resources and about 30% of the PS3 resources. But most likely they didn't optimise the code for the 360 version much, and had to optmiise it for the PS3, also the PS3 is technically more powerful (8 cell chips).

I am much more likely to buy Resistance 2 than Killzone, because the first Resistance was fantastic so it can only get better, dunno how killzone is going to be.

FreeMonk3667d ago

Although the PS3 has some great titles arriving within the next year, there is one thing that concerns me.

If Devil May Cry 4 takes 22 minutes on the pre-install, and Hot Shots Golf 4 takes around the same time on the pre-install (according to, how long is it going to take on the pre-install of games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy and Killzone 2 plus others????

It seems we are going back into the past of the Spectrum ZX and Commadore 64 in waiting for games to load. Surely we should be moving forward with faster access times, and near cartrigde speed load times??

Some people will moan that "it's only a one off 20 minute install you have to wait", but things like this esculates with bigger games.

I hope we don't get the game that needs 10-15gig of HD space because that will be a long time to wait, especially with Blu-Ray being bigged up for it's space and superiority!!

marinelife93665d ago

Valve asked all the websites to pull this quote. It was on some xbox websites as well.

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kurochi3668d ago

of these articles already!! I'm tired of reading them, give us the damn games!!!!!

TheTwelve3668d ago

Agreed. I'm waiting with eager expectation for the games. All of these articles are just torturing me, making me impatient.


Willio3668d ago

and flamebaiting they are.

blacsheep3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

tell us true gamers something we dont know!

ps3 is a beast which is now being let off its leash as develpers start to understand the complex but rewarding architechture.

2008 is exciting, like sony stated next-gen doesnt start till they say so and with blu-ray now in the bag its assault on showing gamers just what the ps3 can do has begun which in my opinion started with uncharted!

hurry up MGS4

ban fans3668d ago

To quote the announcer of The Price is Right, "Here it comes!"

This is what I love and developers have complained about with Sony. Their systems slowly pick up steam and just get better with age. The programming is difficult, but once they start to get the hang of it we can expect each generation of games to look better than the last. I'm already impressed with my PS3, and knowing that I can look forward to every aspect of my present games to improve, now that is exciting!

power0919993668d ago

It is actually "Come on down.. YOU are the next contestant....yadda yadda yadda") :)

ban fans3668d ago

In the very beginning of the show, he says, "Here it comes," - then says something about the best hour of television and fabulous prizes and so on and so forth!

bigjclassic3668d ago

I thought that KZ2 was the most demanding console game, unless they got some surprises up thier sleeve.

marinelife93668d ago

Last report was Killzone 2 was only using 4 SPUs.