GamesRadar: Sexiest game fan art

GamesRadar writes:

"Our favourite type of game fan art is of the sexy-good variety. Cute bums. Provocative poses. Delicate panties. Indulgent boobs. What's not to like about these artistic impressions of gaming's female stars? It's delicious nourishment for the eyes. To celebrate this most awesome of creative endeavours, we've gathered a choice selection of the most seductive, curvaceous, sensual, saucy and downright sexy fan art from the net for your absolute pleasure."

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kurochi3692d ago

is going to have a field-day with this..... LOL "smirk"

JeepGamer3692d ago

Talk about not even 'tip of the ice burg', there's so much of this stuff out there.

Gaara_7243692d ago

more like dont even touch 1000 meters away from the pile of pics ive seen of game caricters omg there lituary billions

Lord_Ash3692d ago

The 1st Aeris pic is really well made, "Watashi wa Daiski".

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3692d ago

Frankly most of the art is really well done, regardless if its erotic or not.

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