Why ZombiU Will Be the Best Wii U Game

When ZombiU releases this November, expect a gaming experience like none other.

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mcstorm2067d ago

Ive pre ordered this with pickmin3 for my wiiu it looks like it could be a very good fps for the wiiu and i think nintendo need to get some top quality fps with very good mp on the wiiu to help it keep up with the next xbox and ps4 as this is a big market nintendo has not got.

Cant wait until november 30th when my little black box will arrive.

ape0072067d ago

Played resi6 demo, huge disappointment, this looks like a real survival horror game

mi_titan272067d ago

I agree 100%, not getting RE6, instead im getting ZombiU!

Lucretia2067d ago

yeeeeeeaaah because it totally sounds like its going to be a long game lol.

josephayal2067d ago

ZombiU is looking better than it did last time we saw it, I would definitely play it if it came out on PS3 or 360

Rockoman162067d ago

I think i will get this instead of Resident Evil 6

fourtwenty20092065d ago

Zombie games suck. How about some original game experiences for once. PASS!