It's Time For Dark Cloud 3

The Dark Cloud series was a successful RPG series on the PS2, and Dark Cloud 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. White Knight Chronicles was good and all, but It's time for Dark Cloud 3.

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Abash2096d ago

Id buy it day one, I love the Dark Cloud series uicerse and gameplay

Godchild10202096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

I loved Dark cloud 1 and 2. My cousin and I would argue about who gets to play it first and how long they get to play for. After a while we stopped caring and just watched how the game progressed and how well the level up system was and the story and the ecosystem. There are so many fond memories in the Dark Cloud series.

I hope after Ni No Kuni comes out (Which is a day one from me) they go back and do a HD remake of the first two or at least have Sony make the first two PS2 classics on the PSN. Then proceed to making a third one. This is one of my cherished series next to the Kingdom hearts series.

I also hope they make a game for the Vita. I never played the Professor Laytan series, but I planned on getting the new one that is coming to the 3DS, but after seeing that they make the game, I'm getting it hands down.

smashcrashbash2096d ago

I think Sony should seriously think of reviving these franchises and making sequels of them. I think that might bring a new shine to the PS3 if we get a new Medievil or a new Dark Cloud or something

Gamer-Z2096d ago

I would love to see another Dark Cloud game

Griffin48712096d ago

Yes, this needs to come back to shine light on the RPG genre once again.

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The story is too old to be commented.