Could Next-Gen Gameplay Graphics Look Like...Say, Advent Children?

Everyone is wondering what the next-gen consoles will be capable of in terms of graphical production. To what heights will they aspire? FF:AC heights?

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omarzy1824d ago

I think Advent children looks better than FF13 CGI, so no, i do not think they will look like Advent Children.

Kamikaze1351824d ago

On consoles? No way. Sony already said not to expect a giant leap from the PS4 like what we saw from PS2 to the PS3. I doubt Microsoft will want to take such a huge leap as well if taking just a small step in terms of graphics is good enough.

rainslacker1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Well...considering no current just released PC video cards could produce that level of graphics in real time, it's highly unlikely. There are some very talented developers out there that can make us think we're seeing this level of detail though.

taquito1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

if next gen ps4/nextbox even get close to this;

i will be very suprised and pleased, but i highly doubt it

i think the may get to this level at 30 frame per second in 1080p which would be great;


Npugz71822d ago

No I highly doubt it!