Phantom Breaker cancelled according to Gamestop

The Xbox 360 exclusive Phantom Breaker may not be coming to stores at all, as GameStop is informing pre-orderers that the game has been cancelled.

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koga882061d ago

Man this is terrible news, I hope that 7sixty makes some sort of announcement. While there wasn't a huge market for this game, there are a lot of die-hard anime fans who were probably really hoping that the game would be released simply because of the way it looks. It is a huge shame if it gets cancelled officially...

discordman2061d ago

meh. I didn't think it was coming out anyway

koga882061d ago

Why though? They've shown the game off in English before and this site itself had an English subtitled version of the game from the looks of their preview, so what has held them back? I remember they had multiplayer issues back in April but it is now October almost and there still is no official release date even after it missed the first two dates.

masterabbott2061d ago

sad i wanted to play this one.

DivineAssault 2061d ago

Thats what happens when MS cant stimulate the market in those genres.. Come on over to the PS world boys.. It will offer u many more options

Arcanine2061d ago

Speechless ( thats why im writing lol)