Halo Wars: Bungie saw it as "whoring out franchise" says Ensemble founder

Halo Wars hit store shelves in March 2009. It was the last hurrah for the talented folks at Age of Empires developer Ensemble Studios. It was never meant to be a Halo game, however, and that unfortunately led to all sorts of friction between Ensemble, Bungie and Microsoft. In an interview to be published tomorrow on GamesIndustry International, Ensemble founder Tony Goodman reflected on the studio's last project.

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OneAboveAll2242d ago

Don't care what they thought. Halo Wars is the best RTS ever to grace a console. I loved it.

NeverEnding19892242d ago

Agreed. Fantastic game for those of us who have no interest playing with a m/k.

TheRealSpy2242d ago

i don't know why you'd have no interest in playing with a mouse and keyboard.

i do agree that it is the best console rts though. i had a blast playing it.

SITH2242d ago

I agree it was damn good rts and best ever on a console, but a mouse and keyboard with an rts is a lot better.

Dlacy13g2242d ago

I think we all can agree that m/k is the ultimate set up for an RTS to this date. That said... Halo Wars is THE best RTS on consoles hands down.

I still play to this day.

Bungie can say what they want... but Halo Wars was NOT whoring the franchize as it was a welcome / quality addition to the IP.

ODST... now that you could make a better case of a "whoring" situation. I love the addition Firefight but it was pretty thin on "new and exciting" after that point. As an ODST you basically just played a spartan that couldn't jump high.

gaffyh2242d ago

I agree it was the best console RTS, but that's only because of the control scheme, which was severely simplified. It still sucked in the grand scheme of things though.

Bungie is right, and it's what everyone said when the game released, and the only reason it got any sales was because MS advertised the game to the wider audience without showing any gameplay.

Shepherd 2142242d ago

Funny because as a dedicated Halo fan, I followed Bungie and their public activities both on and off their website pretty regularly. On dozens of occasions Bungie devs never had anything but very positive things to say about Halo Wars even years after not having to worry about PR bullcrap anymore.

Im pretty confident that Bungie as a whole respected or even enjoyed Halo Wars.Me thinks this guy had a bad attitude or a bad run in with something.

da_2pacalypse2242d ago

I think the irony here is that Halo Wars was originally designed to be an RTS (by Bungie) before they made the move to FPS. I'm not sure why or what compelled Bungie to think this lol

Qrphe2242d ago

I didn't like it either. The only reason why it was so popular is because it was Halo and because its audience were mostly people who had never touched an actual RTS before.

ShinMaster2242d ago

Except for Halo and 360 fanboys.

This franchise is so milked. That's why Bungie is done with it.

da_2pacalypse2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

@ShinMaster No, actually Bungie is done with it because they wanted to go multiplatform and the only way M$ would let them go multiplatform would be if they agreed to let go of the halo IP.

Halo is not that milked actually. Each iteration has had good quality. Halo Wars is still the best RTS experience on a console and IMO M$ should have kept ensemble around to create a better version for PC.

You want to talk about milked? Look at halo4 and tell me that game is milked. That game looks absolutely gorgeous. I had a chance to play it San Diego Comic-con, and it's a perfect mix between new innovation and good old things made the franchise so great. Please, don't speak for everyone just because you have a strong opinion for a subject.

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Grap2242d ago

i don't care. Halo Wars was Badass GAME

dark-hollow2242d ago

After command and conquer tiberium wars.

otherZinc2242d ago

Agree 100%! Halo Wars made me give other RTS games a try.

I hope smarter people prevail & assemble a team to make Halo Wars 2 for the 720.

Bobby Kotex2242d ago

I never bothered finishing it, but then again, I've played so many PC RTS games, I've been spoiled.

PinkPartyPony2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

The "original" look amazing, the simplified game we got was great, still the best mutiplayer RTS on console.
I would give Tropico 3/4 the best SP RTS personally.

Below I posted the video of beta Halo wars, before they almost completely redesigned large parts of the game. The level of detail put into this is astonishing, 500% surpassing the final product.

azazel6652242d ago

Yes and this is just proof Bungie has no idea what they are doing as a game development studio. Halo Wars was one of the only good Halo games.

showtimefolks2242d ago

In my opinion ODST was more of whoring the franchise than a good RTS game like halo wars. Consoles just don't get a lot f RTS love and I understand ts a genre made to be played with a mouse and keyboard

BinaryMind2242d ago

Saying Halo Wars was the best console RTS is like saying Alien vs. Predator was the best Atari Jaguar game. It may be true but that's not saying much.

pixelsword2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

"Alien vs. Predator was the best Atari Jaguar game."

It actually was; and to me at least it is one of the best AvP games that ever was in terms of suspense.

Not the best looking or accurate though. If I'm not mistaken, it was the first AvP game where you could play all three characters in a campaign; granted, the Predator and Alien campaigns had virtually no story, but it was a pretty fun ride at the time.

BinaryMind2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

Yeah, that's what I was saying. Name me another good Jaguar game and I will laugh.

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v0rt3x2242d ago

Well - I do agree that it was - but Halo Wars was good nevertheless.

Carl_Shocker2242d ago

It was a good game, I don't see why they would think that when they do a ton of Novels for example...I think thats whoring the franchises out more then one RTS game.

ChunkyLover532242d ago

This is the type of article that will see a lot of trolling, but I loved Halo Wars, I look at it as its own thing, Halo has a rich lure and there are many ways to tell the stories, from movies, anime and novels, to games.

I hope we see a sequel one day.

Outside_ofthe_Box2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

flip flop.


It's not that I disagree with what you are saying, beyond the first comma that is. Take out Halo Wars and take out Bungie and insert a game and a developer owned or use to be owned by Sony, you'd be saying "can't wait to hear all the excuses." Which I find quite funny.

Nonetheless, your comparison isn't apples to apples, but I get what you are saying.

ChunkyLover532242d ago

It'd be like saying Kratos being in PlayStation All Stars is whoring out God Of War. It just wouldn't be so.

I would love to see a sequel one day for the best selling console RTS of all time though, so much more history to tell.

zebramocha2242d ago

That makes no sense as kratos character is suitable for fighting.

AusRogo2242d ago

Actually I don't see anyone trolling. On topic- I played Halo Wars non stop. And This is coming from more of a playstation guy. They did an awesome job.

A-Glorious-Dawn2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

not ONE person above you is trolling.

and as of writing this no one below your comment is trolling either....

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