Mass Effect Trilogy - First Screenshots Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Enjoy the first screenshots from Mass Effect Trilogy, as well as its boxart!"

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v0rt3x1971d ago

Why do we need screenshots? Have they updated the graphics?

john21971d ago

EA did not provide much information but the first Mass Effect seems to be using the latest lighting system that was used in ME3. This was something that happened with the PS3 version of ME2, so there is a high chance that BioWare has tweaked the visuals to a degree

Blacktric1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

"but the first Mass Effect seems to be using the latest lighting system that was used in ME3."

Uh no. No such thing is visible from that screenshot they released because it is an old one. Stop trying to justify posting made up stuff by making up more stuff.

Added September 10th 2007.

john21971d ago

@Blacktric: The press release has those shots listed as Trilogy Screens. No ME1, no ME2, no rehashed images. If BioWare didn't improve anything at all (or used older shots), that's their issue.

Dynasty1971d ago

I highly doubt they're NOT improving SOMETHING for at least the first ME tbh. Performance was horrid on the 360 so If they dont fix that then count me out

Hellsvacancy1971d ago

Im really happy im going to get to play the first game (doesnt run very well on my laptop)

Hopefully it doesnt take too long

Summons751971d ago

Unlike ME2 and 3, ME1 takes about 40-60 hours (depending on the level you want to reach). ME2 takes like 20 and ME3 is shorter. ME1 is the best in the entire series so it's nice PS3 owners can finally play it and get the true experience.

Skate-AK1971d ago

To do everything on ME 2 it took me around 46 hours.

SolidGear31970d ago

ME1 took me about 40 hours, ME2 was around 50 hours and ME3 was around 35 hours.

Summons751970d ago


took me 24 to complete the game (all side-quests and level cap) first play through and 2 others. I was a bit disappointed but still had a ton of fun.

MYSTERIO3601971d ago

Its great news that finally the ps3 will be receiving mass effect 1. This completes the trilogy on the system and really makes it worth getting on the ps3

rainslacker1971d ago

I actually hope it adds back in the content that you didn't see in the 2nd and 3rd game if you didn't play the first. Some peoples reactions are different when you talk to them, and there was that guy who wanted to go off and fight in the war and be an N7 agent (can't remember his name).

J86blum1971d ago

Stoked for this, im assuming all three games will be their complete editions or whatever you call them.

barb_wire1971d ago

Are these just re-releases of the retail games OR are these the complete versions with all the DLC included?

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The story is too old to be commented.