PS3 used for academic research in Brazil

Biology research project has 12 videogames doing scientific calculations. Sony console has better cost/benefit when compared to traditional servers, says specialist.

What could be a LAN house of dreams, with the most expensive console in the history of videogames, it is, indeed, a laboratory that does billions of calculations per second to better understand the "interaction of local anesthetics with biological membranes."

See the translated article.

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jvsantos3785d ago

Cell is just awesomeness.

ravinash3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

I'll put this comment in the open area....

ravinash3785d ago

So how come we don't see any 360s being used for scientific projects???
Come on, put your power where your mouth is...or are you worried that if you run [email protected], we'll get a benchmark between the two as to how powerful it is?

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The story is too old to be commented.