The Bible Vs video games

Recently, there has been much debate, on both sides of the Atlantic, about the content of video games. Cooper Lawrence's totally misinformed attack on Mass Effect on Fox News, Kevin McCullough being equally misinformed on, Janice Turner of The Times thinks that games are "crack cocaine of the brain" and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has blamed them for knife crime. Even Hillary Clinton has had a go.
Here is an article that puts the whole issue into perspective. Entitled The Bible Vs Video Games it compares the content of the Bible, a book which children are encouraged to read, with the content of video games. Would you want your child playing a video game that featured harlots 48 times? Because that is exactly what the Bible does.

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Tempist3789d ago

Looks like 'god' forgot to put an AO rating on that bible of his.

Does anyone know how hard it would be to put in a new revision of the bible with a proper modern day content rating?

gamesR4fun3786d ago

getting exposed to all the killin n fornication makes daytime tv look good lol.