Wii U Pro Controller hands-on impressions - GameZone

GameZone's David Sanchez checks out the Wii U Pro Controller to see if it's comfortable, functional, and ideal for gaming on Nintendo's upcoming platform.

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herbs1884d ago

It better have decent rumble, if not lots of gamers will be pissed :[

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3-4-51884d ago

who cares about rumble ? were you being sarcastic ?

What if it's the best rumble but a broken controller ?

Then rumble doesn't matter at there for rumble doesn't really matter at all.

That is like getting served the best meal of your life but complaining about the Brand of salt that is in the shaker.

herbs1883d ago

3-4-5 your comment is borderline retarded ;P

1884d ago
MNGamer-N1884d ago

I'll pick this up with my wiiu, but I wish it wasn't so expensive.

GuruStarr781884d ago

I didn't like it when I used it..... being used to the 360 controller, I felt like the buttons should be where the right analog stick is and vice versa...

having the buttons across from the left stick is a must... especially when you're only using the right stick to typically change camera angles in most fps games....

Lucretia1884d ago

yeah its a pathetic controller design, they stole the 360's controller and flipped the buttons. flipping the buttons was their worst mistake, its near unusuable with that.

I cant even imagine how hard battling the camera in ninja gaiden 3 will be on the wii-u with this crappy controller

stragomccloud1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

What do you mean flipped the buttons?

Also, the analog stick placement of the 360 controller was first copied from the gamecube. The face buttons of the 360, and the PS1 are the same as the Super Nintendo, and shoulder buttons... also Super Nintendo. The analog triggers... also Gamecube. Rumble/analog stick goes to N64, Though Nights into Dreams had an analog stick, it wasn't really used in the way that the N64 came to use it.

Dual analogs/dual rumble in general.... points go to Sony.

As for the shape.... general ergonomics kind of dictate that.

IWentBrokeForGaming1884d ago

This should be included with the console!

Raider691884d ago

It is in Europe!In Europe and UK the pro controller comes bundle on the Zombi U console pack.

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The story is too old to be commented.