COD4 EU Patch Now Out

Users on the Official EU Playstation forums are reporting that the new patch for Call of Duty 4 is now available for download.

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mighty_douche3787d ago

Great news guys! Will download as soon as im home...

oh yeah got banned so have to make my comment "open" zone worthy... 360 is sh!t....

Vip3r3787d ago

I've noticed that you more or less connect to a game instantly in the MP now. Thanks god for that. Usually it used to take ages to find one a game. Nice one IW.


redwingsrock3787d ago

When is North America getting a patch it's long overdue, i want my Rumble for my new Dualshock 3!!!! there better be rumble support in the upcoming patch or someone doesn't get to go to the glue factory

Vip3r3787d ago

This is just a connection patch which NA got a while ago.

Rama262853787d ago

That's cool and all, I'm glad they've fixed the 'issue' with how long it took to connect to games - but when are we going to get rumble?? It's the game I play the most, but it's like the only game that doesn't have rumble....

Anyone know if/when they're going to include rumble?

Neurotoxin3787d ago

Nice the connection issue`s have been addressed, well at least for myself, But when is the feature patch out?

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