Resident Evil 2 remake possible with fan support

GS:Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi says Capcom not working on remake of 1998 action game currently, but if fans call for it, project may be considered; PC version announcements coming soon.

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DaThreats2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Let's do it
PS4 please

Blastoise2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

It would be great if done right. But knowing gaming today it would be sold in parts, full of BS DLC and have a tacked on multiplayer mode that nobody asked for

zeeshan2003d ago

You know what? I am done with Capcom. I am so done that I am not even going to bother asking for anything anymore. They can go to whatever Japanese hell they came from with all this RE2 remake. If they really cared, they'd make a true Resident Evil game for us instead of shoving COD-WANNA-BE RE titles. And I am sure that is not where it ends. It is only a matter of time before we all realize that the DLC they'll try to sell us is already on the disk. Yup, I am calling that!

decrypt2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Lol whats the point of a remake when we can still play the original RE2 from 1.5 decades back. No point wasting resources.

Bought the PC version back when it released, no point buying the game again.

princejb1342004d ago

i hope they remake right
i lost so much respect for capcom this gen
the only way for them to get back on track is to remake all successful games they have done in the past
and no i dont mean a hd collection with just upscaling the resolution
i mean a full remake from scratch

Oldman1002003d ago

How to make a money printer:

1)Remake Resident Evil 2 and 3 like they did with the first game.

2)Do an HD remaster of the RE1 remake(with upgraded textures).

3)Package them together in one collection.


Blacktric2003d ago

Not gonna happen. It's Capcom. They'll either ruin it by making it action oriented or just don't make it at all and focus on Resident Evil 7-8-9-10-11-12-13...

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-Mika-2004d ago

That would be awesome. I hope when they do remake,They add co-op. That would automatically make it a must buy for me.

jony_dols2004d ago

If Capcom were to do it in the same way as they did with the RE1 remake on the Gamecube, then my faith in the Japanese gaming industry would be restored!

DarkBlood2004d ago

like shocker said just no

re2 is my favourite in the series i certainly would not want to see co-op slap on to it, it didnt have it then it doesnt need it now

to do so would dramatically change the story

RivetCityGhoul2004d ago

you have got to be a troll. you just mentioned co-op and resident evil 2 in the same sentence LOL. if thats not flame bait then i don't know what is.

NYC_Gamer2004d ago


Might as well buy RE6 since asking for co- op

Biohazard88602004d ago

SMH add co op you must not be a re fan

Tdmd2004d ago

Since co-op is such an important feature for Resident Evil's new fanbase, Crapcom should implement a gaming mode just for that. Something like mercenaries – some sort of co-op horde mode, without a timer, where you could go through the main campaign stages with a buddy, without story or cutscenes. This way they could really please both ways: the old fanbase would have their story mode unscrewed by forced co-op, and the new fanbase would have their multiplayer fix.

Carl_Shocker2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Or they could just create a new IP for the new RE audience while the old actual RE fans can finally have a good classic RE game again.

Both audiences would then be happy

But thats logical thinking, Capcom dosen't do that sort of stuff

Tdmd2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )


It's almost naive to think of Capcom as ilogical. Resident Evil 5 is the best selling entry in the franchise; It also is the most hated one. What's the lesson here? Brands sells independent of quality. Therefore, to create a whole new ip out of respect for the old fans would not be the logical thing to do, it would be the decent thing instead - and that's what Capcom lacks. Decency, not logic.
And judging from what I saw in those two demo they released, they do need all the brand recognition they can get.
I'm actually hitting the agree button on your commentary even if I know that will probably never happen. They won’t go back to their roots. So, realistically thinking, the least harmful thing they could do is to separate multiplayer co-op from the single player campaign, implementing it in place of the mercenaries mode.

edit: although, on a second thought, that's not me being realistic either.

HarryMasonHerpderp2004d ago

Yeah add co-op! More action! more guns! explosions! a cover system! and some boulders to punch!

......or not >_>

If this gets a remake it needs to be like the remake of the original game on the Gamecube.
That game was amazing!

gta28002003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Not one f'n like! you know why!? cause co-op in Resident Evil games sucks! We want a remake because we want the true Survival Horror Resident Evil back. I want to get sweaty palms from playing RE again. I want to get scared by creepy music while I cut a corner in a dark environment. I want my heart to drop for a quick second when something pops out of nowhere. I want to feel hopeless when I'm running out of ammo and get a huge sigh of relief when I find just one f'n ammo clip. I want to run back and fourth in a huge, monster infested building while I try to solve puzzles to finally get the hell out of there. That's the Resident Evil I remember falling in love with. Bring the real Resident Evil back!

Arcanine2003d ago

I hope you are being sarcastic..... becuz you are the kind of individuals we dont want Capcom to listen to.

ritsuka6662003d ago

No shit of co-op, this feature will ruined this classic game.

GrahamGolden2003d ago

mika and her fails post once again....

u got your craps res5 and 6
leave the classics to us true fans kkthxbb

Ranma12003d ago

Well i never expected a FF13 fan to be clever, guess I was right

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ScubaSteve12004d ago

they need to keep it original has possible, if they make it like re5 or 6 then i lost faith

labaronx2004d ago

did they remake 2 like they did part one on the gamecube version of part one

also bring re0 and re1 remake to live and psn

Venox20082003d ago

I dont think you'll see those 2 on psn because of nintendo, more likely on on wii u eshop

Biohazard88602004d ago

Remake would be awesome... but to be honest i see capcom fucking this up.