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Dead Island: Riptide Preview at Skewed and Reviewed

Joseph S. at Skewed and Reviewed hasposted a preview of the upcoming Dead Island: Riptide. He likes the inclusion of a 5th character and the use of boats this time out. (Dead Island Riptide, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

dennett316  +   655d ago
Sounds good to me. I was disappointed that Dead Island didn't give me the emotional heft that the trailer seemed to imply, and the story felt kind of weak because of that. But, the gameplay was extremely enjoyable and encountering a group of zombies with your best weapon about to break and low health really was tense and scary at times.

I hope for a stronger story this time, one that feels less like a bunch of fetch quests tied together loosely. I want it to feel more like a group of people trying to survive and doing stuff to enable that to happen...to see people get more capable of defending themselves thanks to the weapons you've brought back and then being able to take those NPC's with you on missions to help you etc. How about some decisions that have some consequences? You could chose to risk saving someone or not and having it affect the story, like you lose their skills and it makes it harder to complete future missions, or taking the decision affecting the morale of the group/camp.
Garethvk  +   655d ago
They also need to make sure it is stable at launch. It was a buggy mess last time and their marketing was terrible. I can tell you about the garbage they put us through. But, that is all in the past now and I am willing to give them another chance, but they need to do it right this time.

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