Capcom comments on the lack of a physical manual for Resident Evil 6

Capcom’s Christian Svensson comments on the lack of a physical manual in the game cases for the upcoming multiplatform survival-horror title, Resident Evil 6.

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Agent Smith2000d ago

Penny pinching on everything

Ocelot5252000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

half life 2 in 2004 also had no manual(one of the first games without one!), but nobody complained because it was Valve...

Why gets valve always with this?

shoddy2000d ago

RE 6 is now gear of war clone.
Zombies now became alien.

iXenon2000d ago

Ratchet & Clank Collection came with the Sly 4 demo voucher in the manual's place. You had to install the actual manual on your HDD. No one complained about that either.

Septic1999d ago

"half life 2 in 2004 also had no manual(one of the first games without one!), but nobody complained because it was Valve..."

Heard of The Orange Box? When Capcom decides to be as generous as Valve was then we'll stop complaining.

PurpHerbison1999d ago

But Half-Life 2 was good...

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Anon19741999d ago

Games still come with physical manuals?

FOXDIE1999d ago

What people don't understand is that "manuals" are not really manuals. Lets be honest here, who in this day and age doesn't know how to insert the CD or how to start the game etc. The manual is more like a collectors item that should come with every game. The "manual" is something special that should explain the game rules, the world and characters, developer thoughts etc.

The manual is supposed to ad value to the product as video games are not just tide to the disc, but its also the complete package of beautiful cover art, disc and manual/guide.

Every company that says that manuals are no more because we are going green is just straight up lying. They only want to nickel and dime us as much as possible. It's a shame because once a upon a time game manuals where something special that thought you more about the journey that you are going to embark on.

But I guess shitty games don't deserve beautiful manuals like the one in Red dead redemption where you also get a beautiful map. Or the one in Demon's Souls.

LX-General-Kaos2000d ago

I am all for the lack of a manual, I have personally never used one. Plus these days most games offer a virtual manual while the game is loading or in the option menu.

Save the trees

Rated E For Everyone

WeskerChildReborned2000d ago

Agreed, i never really cared for the manuals unless i'm stuck on certain controls.

soundslike2000d ago

unless i'm stuck in the bathroom*

Chris5582000d ago

Hell yeah manuals are outdated except if i get collectors edition

dark-hollow2000d ago

I bet you never owned Bethesda games manuals.
those are pretty awesome.

LX-General-Kaos2000d ago

I have a couple of games from them, but I have never opened any of the manuals.

MidnytRain1999d ago


Then you missed something. Period.

banjadude2000d ago

Manuals (I should say used to) have more than just control schemes and tips on how to play the game, which is why I used to treasure them.

But I guess if they are going to half-ass the manuals these days, they might as well drop it altogether, I guess...

HarryMasonHerpderp2000d ago

Metal Gear Solid manuals normally have some cool extras in them such as comics and stuff.

KillerPwned2000d ago

You spoke my mind ARIJayden, I miss the fun tips and just other stuff developers used to throw in manuals. Coming from a long time gamer when I would get my new NES or SNES game opening up the box and just reading the manual over and over until I got home to actually play that game was an amazing feeling. Now a lot of developers have robbed us of that and younger people will not be able to enjoy it.

Tdmd2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Right, I remember a time when manuals were thick and full of cool content, like character profiles, backstory and artwork. Those days are long gone. I can't even remember when was the last time I saw a nice manual just like that.

rainslacker1999d ago

Most manuals today are just legal disclaimers and a 1-2 page control scheme. Pretty sad since I'm a collector, but I can see the reason why they were phased out.

It does make the games that come out with good old-style manuals extra special.:)

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VegaShinra2000d ago

Summary: "It has a manual, it's just digital."

dark-hollow2000d ago

That's the least of my concerns with RE6.

TekoIie2000d ago

For shooters or games like RE6 I really dont care. But with RPG's they were really helpful.

When i started playing oblivion i dont think i would've know of the race bonuses were it not for the manual. I wanted to use the KoA:R manual to help me understand what each ability was while i was on the bus home only to find that that it was on the disc :(

I remember some games i used to play with the manual right next to me in case the game didnt give a good enough explanation of abilities or controls. Guess thats going now :(

Gen0ne2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

I'm a tree hugger and I approve of this practice. ( probably the only business practice of Capcom's I approve of ) Although, I do miss sitting on the can and getting amped for my new game by flipping through the pages. The good old days are only good because we didn't know any better. Save dem trees!

Edit: Two disagrees... hmmm... I guess saving trees is bad considering how they single handedly allow us to breathe, but I suppose some things are more important. Anyway, a prediction: the game will be great and will be about as scary as going to the local convient store at 12 in the afternoon to buy gum.

TekoIie2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

SCREW THE TREES!!!!! I'll die without my beloved manuals..... And trees..... But for manuals its worth it!

jivah1999d ago

actually trees only supply minimal oxygen to let us breathe.. we get most of our oxygen from the oceans and the phytoplankton in them..about 85%. so if all the trees were gone we would still be alive. but yes save the trees

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