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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1235d ago | opinion piece

Why Resident Evil 4 is one of the greatest games ever made

GamesRadar - After all these years and follow-ups, Resident Evil remains an incredibly influential masterpiece. We dissect exactly why it remains one of the best in the medium. (PC, PS2, PS3, Resident Evil 4, Wii, Xbox 360)

WilliamH  +   1235d ago
It's a very cleverly designed game as it encourages you to play through it time and time again.
scofios  +   1235d ago
Res 4 , mgs seies ,and zelda ocarine of time, to me are the greatest games ever made.
claud3  +   1235d ago
Excellent game. And the play through is worth it, were has that gone now
chadboban  +   1235d ago
Played through this game so many times. Unlocked everything in the PS2 and Wii versions. Sure it was a departure from the series' formula, the REmake for the gamecube is still one of my favourite games ever, but everyhting in this game was done so damn well. The controls felt great, much better than the RE6 demo which just felt all over the place. The creature design and bosses were fantastic. And unlike RE5, this game had an atmosphere that for me, still made the game feel like RE despite all of the changes it made to the formula. I frickin love this game.
Tornadobounce  +   1235d ago
This game turned me off resident evil. For me it was a disaster and it's gone downhill ever since.
Ben_Grimm  +   1235d ago
RE4 is diefinitely one of the greatest games. Played it on the GC and I remember rushing home from work just to get back on this game.

It was a welcome change to the RE formula and I cant wait to play RE 6.
Carl_Shocker  +   1235d ago
Amazing game...took the game in a new, fresh and exciting direction that made me anticipate the next game the moment I completed it, thinking how much they could expand it without ruining what the franchise stood for. It managed to balance action and horror very could of done with a few more horror sections but because everything else was so well done you just shrugged it off and though "Ahhh they'll improve this in the next can these guys screw up they are on a role".

I know people didn't like her but I liked Ashley, she was hardly with you so babysitting her didn't really feel like a chore. When you lost her and she was getting taken away it added a brand new feel of tension to free her before they leave the area with her. I liked the way she got behind you as you aimed and you could tell her to hide in containers, then whitle for her to come out when the cost was clear. Lets not forget the game was packed with content and had some amazing replay value like doing Adas Seperate Ways which was a great touch to the game, telling the story from a differn't point of view and filling in the gaps.

However RE5 came and just ruined what the franchise was about...I never understood how they could screw up when the RE4.5 Concept art was amazing...untill the added co-op.

Even now instead of improving the game and fixing their mistakes they made it worse for themselfs with RE6. Honestly when you look at RE4 to RE6 you just can't believe how they managed to screw up...guess thats what happens when you ignore your loyal fanbase, become greedy and want the COD crowd. Instead of them expanding their audience like they said they are just replacing it...I mean what was the point of that.
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TheBlackSmoke  +   1235d ago
I just read a wall of nothing, lol all that writing and you cant actually explain why its screwed up, and lets not forget you haven't played RE6 yet.

If you don't like RE5 and 6 then how can you like RE4.

@xxdubstepxx and carl

Sorry but you have to take the nostalgia shades off.

RE4 is basically Leon killing THOUSANDS of enemies, with an array of weaponry, getting loot to upgrade GUNS, getting chased by a giant statue, dropping giant cave trolls in to lava, getting a high score in a shooting gallery etc. The game is like 20 hours plus and has about 4 puzzles in it's entirety. Its also very linear.

It single handedly invented the over the shoulder genre and was one of the first to use cinematic cutscenes. How can you complain about the balls to the wall action when RE4 Leon and his humongous weapons cache started it.

Shoot enemy in face then QTE melee attack is a staple of RE4's gameplay. I distinctively remember german suplexing a las plagas whilst a group of 5 more stood there and waited for their turn.

leon in RE4 is as much of an action man as chris in RE5. Your arguments fail.

RE5 gets shit for being in the day when the reality is its daylight for the first 2 hours of the game then its night time for the rest and even during the day segments you are inside pitch black caves and sewers (ring a bell?). You even end up in another laboratory surrounded by lickers and all sorts of familliar monsters (did you even play RE2?). The whole reason why its set in africa is because it is the origin of the progenitor virus, the original t-virus, its a story element that has been set up from the first ever RE game.

As for co-op, EVERY RE game has always had a partnership, It makes sense that they would eventually let you play together. Remember, you are no longer stumbling upon a spooky mansion and splitting up to check it out. the threat has escalated and it its now a war between humanity and umbrella. The story is about bio-terrorism not zombies.

The difference between a real fan and some entitled idiot who has retroactively played the games is so glaringly obvious. You dont know jack about RE.
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   1235d ago
us re4 fans dont dislike 5 and 6 because of the way they play. we dislike them because the game went from being a desolate, drab, wonderfully depressing survival horror game to a crappy multiplayer game with absolutely no horror involved.

5 and 6 are missing ATMOSPHERE.
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Carl_Shocker  +   1235d ago
"I just read a wall of nothing, lol all that writing and you cant actually explain why its screwed up, and lets not forget you haven't played RE6 yet."

Why would I explain why they are bad when it's been said many times in past articles. Seriously it's like each new article people like to forget the last ones and what people have said.

"If you don't like RE5 and 6 then how can you like RE4. "

Are you serious...have you read anything I wrote, I explained RE4 managed to find that perfect balance, it managed to evolve instead of turning into a differn't game all together. I even said I would of liked to see more horror in RE4 but because it was so fresh, exciting and new I just shrugged it off and thought they would improve it in the next game but they didn't Action elements became too much, they added co-op and butchered the story, thats why they ruined it.

Did you know that RE5 before co-op was supposed to feature Barry, Jill, Sheva as an NPC, Tyrants, very small plot points of Uroboros/Las Plagas, T-Virus Zombies, Dark night settings, cool features like seeing mirages and you having to refocus your vision when coming out of a dark house/cave....instead we got RE5 which was nothing like that.
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Beast_Master  +   1235d ago
RE series has always had 2 protagonists, being able to play both at the same time is called evolution of a series. RE4 was one of the greatest games ever made. I loved RE5 because I got to play through the game several times with a friend. Plus the change of scenery made it have it's own brand, instead of just having co-op in a mansion for the 10th time.
And the complaint about the atmosphere is strange cause you are insinuating that you can be scared by a video game like a child. RE4 wasn't scary. and the only part of the game that had any isolation was the first part.
amaguli  +   1235d ago
Can you for once just not mention Resident Evil 5 or 6 in one of your posts? We get it, you don't like the action direction they gone, but you are really beating a dead horse.
Carl_Shocker  +   1235d ago
Are you's a RE aritlce

Don't like it...not my problem

It's a commenting site...thats what we all do, as long as it's not personal attacking someone, being immature, spaming, bad language, fanboy posts or trolling then whatever you say is fine

The amount of times I've seen someone praise something in every related article of what they are speaking possitively about with roughly the same comments yet criticism isn't allowed ¬¬
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amaguli  +   1235d ago
It's an article about Resident Evil 4 though, there is no need to throw out the fact you hate 5 or 6.

I'm not saying I don't agree with your stance, it is a shame they have moved to a more action oriented route, but let's just remember the good times for once.
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PS3gamer4life  +   1235d ago
My favorite re
RowSand  +   1235d ago
deyyy akkaaa---it has memorable moments tight controll,tactic gmeplay--the--charcter--didnt- -blocked-half-of-screen;)
GammaSix  +   1235d ago
Ive beaten this game over 100 times, no joke. So amazing.
cpayne93  +   1235d ago
Sheesh. That's too many times for just about any game.
GreenRanger  +   1235d ago
Definitely one of the best games on the PS2 and Gamecube.
RustedMan  +   1235d ago
Wow. and people wonder why Capcom abandoned survival horror genre. This game wasn't even remotely frightening.
Philoctetes  +   1235d ago
Not really "frightening," but it had fantastic atmosphere. Something that RE5 completely lacked.
TheMutator  +   1235d ago
Resident Evil 4 kill the series!!!
amaguli  +   1235d ago
4 was Mikami's definitive vision for Resident Evil, and it is amazing how it went on to be a very influential game. It amazes me how people forget that 4 started the over the shoulder camera angle.

It's not the exact interview I read a while ago, but Mikami did say this was in line with how the franchise should have been.
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   1235d ago
you know i really cant stand gamers that are loyal to a series. it seems like anything you try differently, people are still going to hate it because its "not how the older games used to play". doesnt matter if your new game is the best game ever- if your game doesnt play like the one you released before it, people are gonna be pisssedddddddddddd.
yes, resident evil 4 played differently from all the other resident evil games. that said, it is without a doubt, the best resident evil game ever created.
amaguli  +   1235d ago
Or if you don't change enough they get accused of milking the franchise, like Mario. Gamers are a funny bunch indeed.
RustedMan  +   1235d ago
It's not that the game just "tried things differently", it's that the (Resident Evil) franchise stood proudly with a few other games in the survival-horror genre. Why the change? it wasn't to "broaden" their game's scope, or as a marked natural progression of thematic elements portrayed throughout the series. It was money. It was a true abandoning of a genre that -made- them so widely known. Fans aren't terribly picky when a game tries to do new things as a way of "adding" to an already established franchise or when a game has a "spin off" where creative license can be extended and expanded, but when a game -leaves- a genre, and is still labeled a "survival horror" game. It's offensive to most people. Hell, Resident Evil 6 is labeled "Survival horror" and only in reviews and previews can it be told any differently.

Dead Space is what happened to the Resident Evil franchise, a game that was widely popular and lauded for masterful sound engineering, and one of the creepiest established atmospheres in gaming.

Just like how most say that Little Big Planet was the franchise Nintendo never created, Dead Space 1 and 2 were the games that Resident 4 and 5 never strove to be.
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kostchtchie_  +   1235d ago
re4 was the end of resident evil series and what made it special, you only have to look at what garbage was released with 4 and after

same thing has happened to dead space, the original was a brilliant game that has slowly been ruined by crap design choices also
Nerdmaster  +   1235d ago
I think that RE4 Wii version is the only game I ever completed everything there was to complete in a game. I finished it in all difficulties, finished all extra modes, got five stars in all Mercenaries maps... And after all that, I still wanted more.
dorron  +   1235d ago
Crappy controls ruined the game for me...
breakpad  +   1235d ago
RE4 is the worst Resi in the series...ruined them all after it with the unexplained support from the critics and the unmatured audience of the GC things went even worse we have RE5 and RE6 etc ...if you want to play the real RE games play the first 3,CV, and outbreak series all the others are not RE just good games
ShaunCameron  +   1234d ago
Umm. No. RE4 was a major step forward in gameplay mechanics now prevalent in most TPS games today. Precision aiming, over-the-shoulder camera view, up-close melee combat and also being able to move while shooting. Maybe critics praised it for the player's newfound freedom of movement.

<...if you want to play the real RE games play the first 3,CV, and outbreak series all the others are not RE just good games>

Those games were good for their time but have aged horribly since. Not many people wanna go back to bad controls and sloppy graphics. Besides, there's not many people clamoring for the days of GTA1 and 2 to come back just because they didn't like GTA4.
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breakpad  +   1234d ago
All the gameplay mechanics that you are referring were not first sighted in RE4...were indeed a a renovation from game perspective but they destroyed (some of them) the RE series..example (extensive melee combat, shooting on movement-forced the game to be a shooter etc etc)..also RE4 had numerous other issues-cheap art direction,bad enemies concepts , ridiculous scenario(President's daughter? as Shinji Mikami had told in an interview after the RE1 RE was scary because it had a realistic touch in his scenario supernatural things and holywood or cheap anime cliches) im wandering why he made RE4 that way(capcom's touch probably)..if you remember the Re outbreak was developed after RE4 and it had some really inovative mechanics if you want a survival horror game not a well made shooter..(sorry for my english not my first language)
Unlimax  +   1235d ago
Leooon Heeeeeeelp !!!
Kos-Mos  +   1235d ago
I`ve always said this. The game set a standard. Love Japanese games that sets standards. Lots of them.
Plagasx  +   1235d ago
RE4 was both the greatest thing and the worst thing to happen to RE.

Greatest thing by doing new things and removing the old and worst by introducing "action" to the series..
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JoeSchmoh  +   1235d ago
The director Shinji Mikami is why. he's the rawest game producer. He has a western style/vision/theme in a lot of his games. look at leon's mob suit with a top hat and a chicago typewriter tommy gun. I'm itching to at least just know what his new game is about, because I thought he was threw with Shadows of the Damned.
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TheDivine  +   1235d ago
One of the most innovative games ever imo. The beginning was classic. The cabin, having to block doors and windows, climbing onto roofs, knocking down ladders exc. I loved the cinematic cutscenes (uncharted before uncharted) with qte's and awesome bosses. This game was (at the time) the most mind blowing game ever. The graphics shit all over everything else and it was just perfect (like mgs3, perfect and the series at the top of its game). RE5 was fun and basically the same concept except i didnt like co-op if i wanted solo (shouldve let it be an option or bonus for completing the game) and enemies shooting gatling guns was too much. Less guns, optional co-op and it wouldve the perfect sequel to 4 imo.

Im so pumped for 6. No matter what its like im sure it will be amazing. Even though i disliked some parts of 5 it was damn fun and well made. Revelations was one of the best in the series imo. Gave me alot of hope for 6. Bring it on baby!.

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