New Star Wars: Force unleashed trailer and screenshots

Lucas Arts published a new batch of screenshots and a new Star Wars: Force Unleashed trailer. Enjoy.

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Rooted_Dust3477d ago

The games looking good, but that wasn't much of a trailer. It does look like the game slows down though, when there's a lot of graphic intensive stuff happening on screen.

Darthdad3477d ago

Been awhile since I've looked this forward to a game.

Neurotoxin3477d ago

This will be shoddy on.... well i think you can guess.

nirun3477d ago

i've seeen this trailer already, old news

ParaDise_LosT3477d ago

Because the world circles around you doesn't it.
Just because You've seen it means nobody else that Havn't Seen it should see it because You've seen it already...

Yes...I completely agree -_- /end sarcasm C:

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