IGN AU reviews The Club: 'a whole lot of fun'

In such a crowded genre it's great to see Bizarre Creations do things a little differently. The Club may not look that unique in terms of its visual design, but give it a chance and – if you're anything like IGN - its high-score ethos will hook you in. Smooth controls, great combo mechanics, a variety of modes and decent level design all combine to create a game that's about rhythm and flow. A little more vivacity in enemies, animations, environments and set-pieces would have been great, but at the end of the day The Club nails its concept and its gameplay.

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Vip3r3723d ago

The demo wasn't as bad as what I was expecting it to be. But if I bought this it would be played much becuase of COD4.


avacadosnorkel3723d ago

I like the demo. I pre-ordered the game. I didn't expect any scores over 8. Everybody seems to think it's too shallow. But for what it is rocks

crematory3721d ago

i dont know why people hate it the demo...its a new style i like it and i am gonna to preorder ,i am sure it will have a high score when it be played already