It's Time Sony Proves The PS3+Vita Can Do Everything The Wii U Does.

Since the Wii U has been announced, Sony has been quick to state the PS3 and Vita together, can do everything the Wii U can do. To add to this, Sony fans have backed those claims on forums and websites across the web with little to no evidence. While this may be true, Sony really hasn't shown us anything to the level Nintendo is doing with Wii U.

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Hatsune-Miku2003d ago

Marvel vs capcom 3, lbp, wipeout , motorstorm and a few others with more coming. There was a patch to use your vita as a controller for ps3

Theyellowflash302003d ago

There are drawbacks to each one of those games that make the functionally not as good as the Wii U. Especially Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Patches are never as good as built in functionality. And the users have complained of Remote play lag with the PS3+Vita combo.

Not only that, you only mentioned 4 games. Wii U has 23 launch titles that all use the Gamepad and far more on the way.

blitz06232003d ago

Why is this an issue? All Sony said was that the PS3 and Vita can do what the Wii U does. They weren't lying.

It's just that the Wii U does everything BETTER because it IS what the Wii U is all about. The PS3-Vita combo is just an added optional functionality that's not even polished. The Wii U is all about using a controller with its own screen.

Anyone who says the PS3-Vita combo is just as good as the Wii U is in denial. I'm not even sure why fanboys can get butthurt over this. The PS3 and Vita aren't meant to be like the Wii U and its gamepads anyway.

Hisiru2003d ago

The only game you listed that is really trying to do what the WiiU does is Little Big Planet.

sikbeta2003d ago


you pointed out what's wrong with these PS3<->Vita connectivity thing, in order to use your Vita with your PS3 game, you need a patch, sure First Parties can do it, but you can't expect every game to get a patch in order to use it with Vita.

And even then, a PS3+Vita is more expensive than a Wii-U

Though one of the guys in the PSMobile community did it already

It's not complete and if it works like charm (don't think so) you don't know IF Sony will actually allow it.

gaffyh2002d ago

It should be able to do almost everything, apart from anything which requires IR functionality, like TV remote control. However, it all depends on whether anyone develops anything for it, which they probably won't (except for Sony obviously) because it is not a forced pairing like Wii U. For example, the Xbox 360 came with a headset, and as such almost everyone talks over Live. PS3 didn't, and because of that, very few people talk on PSN.

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Venox20082003d ago

people like you, just don't understand... it's more in Wii U than a remote play or other features shown from Sony.. we have to wait and see that in a future..

chadboban2003d ago

I think we really need to wait and see how Sony supports this functionality not only with the PS3, but with the upcoming PS4. I mean you have to look at things like

Will all games require a vita copy of the game as well to obtain this functionality?
Will cross-buy be suppported by all games that have this functionality?
Will third parties invest in this feature or will they ignore it if it costs too much?
Will consumers buy a Vita for this feature?
Will this functionality play an even bigger part in the PS4 than the PS3?

I'm quite interested to see how this all turns out and see how Sony can actually make this work.

r1sh122003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

I dont know why anyone would use the vita as the ps3 controller over the actual ps3 controller (Unless their controller is lost, stolen or damaged lol).

I get that a game can be continued on the go - THat makes sense.

Im with Chadboban on this, it will be interesting to see where Sony go with the vita/ps3/ps4 use.
But if its meant for more integration with the ps4 then why release it now?
I can see sony making an ecosystem like Apple, and recently MS and android.

sikbeta2003d ago

"I get that a game can be continued on the go - THat makes sense"

This is exactly what Vita has the U-controller cannot replicate, being a separate system, it can be used anywhere with an internet connection, so it'd be awesome to play a game on your PS3 @ home and then keep going with it in another place.

This kind of functionality is way ahead of its time though, wi-fi and ISPs don't allow it atm, but in the future could be the standard.

r1sh122003d ago


I agree with your point to an extent but should the vita be the hardware that carries on integration with the ps4 then why have sony releasd it now?
Thats my main concern, you would want hardware that accomdates with the ps4 (assuming the vita is supposed to function in that way).
Oldish hardware is just annoying to work with, and maybe a 'vita2' may be released with the ps4.
Its a bit of a confusing strategy.
With the way everything is heading to the cloud nintendo could have made a great call to invest early and start getting some functionality.

Its an interesting time we are in, because processors are actually not getting more powerful (hence dual/quad core etc..) due to the number of transistors on the chips.
Cloud is going to be the future, its just a matter of when.

yabhero2003d ago

WiiU is essentially cheaper PS3= Vita combo with a better GPU, a BETTER CPU that's CLOCKED A BIT SLOWER (understand the difference people),8x as much total RAM, dedicated support and no lag...
Same thing right guys?

herbs2003d ago

Yabhero speaks the truth. You cant explain the facts any better than that :}

Hicken2002d ago

It WOULD be the same thing, if you could take the Wii U controller everywhere and use it as a standalone system.

Not gonna say that the Wii U isn't more powerful, but I think the versatility nod still goes to the PS3/Vita duo, since they're two systems that can work together or separately, as opposed to the Wii U and its controller being dependent upon each other.

yabhero2002d ago

6 agrees from sane people, 6 disagrees from people who are hating because the know I'm right=
+12 points

Muerte24942002d ago

play blu-rays and dvd. Can the Wii U do that?

ChickeyCantor2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

It got a TV function with integrated social networking. Does PS3 have that?
( I don't care for neither, but that shouldn't really be criticism towards the Wii-U)

Theyellowflash302002d ago

Has nothing to do with the topic. I got 2 Blue ray players that came with TV's I purchased. This isn't 2006, Blue Ray players are cheap and all over the place

donman12002d ago

Latency problems alone is enough of a reason why Sony cannot duplicate the experience that the Wii U and the controller can do. Wii U did COD on the controller with zero latency. That is the gold stamp in performance at this point.

mewhy322002d ago

well it probably can. But the wii u does it without having to buy anything additional for it. If you have a 299.99 ps3 you'll also have to buy a 249.99 vita to do the same thing that a 299.99 wii u can do. Not me.

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LX-General-Kaos2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

This article is pretty spot on, and informative.

The true duplication of the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system tablet like control functions remain to be seen. It only takes a couple of minutes of research to see that the capabilities of Nintendo's next generation game pad innovations are far more advanced then what's currently available on the market today. It can almost be labeled as factual at this point. If you feel that you can debate that, then by all means go for it. Let the debate begin.

Rated E For Everyone

DragonKnight2003d ago

I question only one thing, and that is how you have 6 Bubbles.

vortis2003d ago

Bubble boost brigade, perhaps?

OT: the Wii U's main gimmick is the interactivity between the GamePad and system, and since that wasn't what the PS3 was built for or the PSV, I don't see why people would even suggest that it's going to be a comparable feature to the Wii U. It's like fanboy talk as far as logic goes.

zebramocha2003d ago

@vortis I think people are comparing the overall features to wiiu than the specific functionality of either system.

Blankman852003d ago

Because unlike most round these parts, Kaos praises his console maker of choice without ever once saying anything negative bout the other consoles. And that is why he has my respect.

Biggest2003d ago

Did I miss the part where the WiiU is going to have full retail games on the gamepad only? Not that it matters. . . The PS3 is old. The WiiU is unreleased. Why would the PS3 need to prove anything to a new system? The more important point to be proved is that the WiiU is more than a gimmick and more than a HD shovelware platform. The Wii started with a strong push toward core gaming and quickly transitioned into the #1 choice for "The View" watchers. Hopefully the WiiU is more than the GameCube and Wii were.

DragonKnight2003d ago

@vortis: Probably.
@Ndivhu: You seem to be blind to subtlety.

ALLWRONG2003d ago

Sony needs to prove it because they said it. Put you money where you mouth is.

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Qrphe2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Duplication? Weren't the Vita+PS3 capabilities announced a day before the Wii U announcement?

Regardless, let's be honest, as far as capabilities go, the PS3+Vita combo could do pretty much anything the Wii U can do. But to be fair, it does lack TVii.

If the Wii U is very successful, we'd see another situation similar to the Wii where Sony and Microsoft tried to jump into motion controls albeit late. This time around Sony would not be late at all but just in time.

kneon2003d ago

Actually the PS3+Vita could do more than the Wii U because the Vita can run it's own code. They are two independent yet complete systems working together. The Wii U gamepad relies on the console for everything so it has more limitations.

rainslacker2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

In the end it will only matter if developers support this kind of functionality on the PS3-4/Vita. They may not see the need to. However if it's a port then it could be nothing to add it in for both systems, and likely smartglass.

Sony has a history of making statements long before they have much to show for it. Then they back off those statements and the developer support never really shows up. I don't know if it's because Sony doesn't push it internally or to 3rd parties, or if there is just a complete lack of interest on either Sony or 3rd party developers part.

Their statement, and the lbp demo did seem like it was attempting to take some of the wind out of the Wii U's announcement, which is understandable with the holiday coming up.

The only thing I wasn't sure of was if this combo would support the motion control support the Wii U has with it's sensor bar. I suppose it could be added using the Vita's built in camera...similar to the way the old light guns used to work.

Ultimately though, while it's not hard to see how the two systems could do the exact same thing for a majority of gameplay experiences, it doesn't mean that it will. Unless Sony pushes hard for this kind of integration it will likely just be an afterthought to developers, or a nifty feature for some PS3/4 games.

LX-General-Kaos2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

You pretty much answered all of the questions I would have came up with for me. After what I had seen with the LBP demo, and some other talked about features with the combo. It became quite clear to me that nothing in this current generation will truly duplicate the offerings that come standard with the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system tablet control functions. I honestly dont feel that the LBP demo (while nice in its own right) even scratched the surface of what is possible with the Nintendo game pad.

Just take 5 minutes out of your day and research the game pad. Watch a couple of youtube videos. You will clearly see that it is unarguably much more advanced feature rich tech.

At this point in time it is clear to see that a lot of supporters of competing platforms have a lot of pride and just dont want to admit that a different brand is releasing a platform that is more advanced than their platform of choice. This debate looks pointless from what I have seen in this comment section. Until Sony proves that the PS3/Vita combo can outclass Nintendos innovative offerings. There is not much else to say. Now we just play the waiting game.

If Sony proves me wrong with what I believe to be a false claim, I will be around to admit it with no problem.

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yewles12003d ago

There's really not more to it. The Wii U cloud streams all the extra game data into the controller, because the Wii U has all those resources. The Vita/PS3 combo accomplish their task by "cheating" if you will... since the PS3 doesn't have the amount of resources that the Wii U has, it's up to the Vita to alleviate the stress by rendering it's own assets to coincide with the PS3's game data.

Here's Little Big Planet

Now look at this WipeOut comparison

This is what happens when you utilize cross-play. BTW, cross-play utilizes both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth simultaneously.

Teflon022002d ago

Wow, what a imagination, you talk like that was smart, but fact is!!
WipEout 2048 is it's own game entirely with the ability to have the whole PS3 title in the game. You people seem to get "Cross Play" & "Cross Control" confused. As well as Remote Play (not RP in your case).
Cross Play - The ability to play a Multiplatform game together across multiple platforms. Examples WipEout HD+ Fury (PS3)/ WipEout 2048 (PSV), PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3/PSV), Street Fighter X Tekken (PS3/PSV), DCUO (PS3/PC), PSO2 (PSV/PC). You see what I mean? All those are separated games for 2 different gaming devices, whether PS3/PSV/PC etc. But they can play together.
Cross Control - The ability to use the PS Vita as a subsitute controller for PS3 to take advantage of All it's extra abilities to add to your gaming experience, LBP2 (no Vita game Needed) can use the Vita the EXACT WAY Nintendo presented Wii U. Not that it can top Wii U in performance. But also I want to know What is your problem? So what if vita's power helps them work together, Wii U I'm sure used atleast a GB of the RAM for Video transfer.
Now some fun facts.
Wii U tablet is only 480p resolution, meaning PSV has a higher res.
Wii U tablet can fully multitask while in game from my understanding. Ps3 can't do that much on RP
Wii U tablet has a crappy pressure single touch Pad like DS/3DS, PSV has a heat sensor multitouch Pad as well as a multitouch back panel
Wii U should be alot faster then PS3 as PS V is definitely with no question faster and smoother then PS3 even while Party Chatting, Playing LBPV online with friends, while playing music and on twitter all at the same time! Yes PSV can do that all at once, you can also do it all with PS1/PSP but music will stop and games sound will play. All that can be done with no frame drop or lag, I know, cause I did it last week with LBP/MegamanMHX/FFVII.
Wii U has the ability to one up Sony because it's newer tech.
BUT all besides the point, because PS3 released 2006, the fact it can still be this relevant is amazing on Sony's part.
It's the truth. BTW I never get lag on RP on my vita sinde update 1.80+

chukamachine2003d ago

Some features will be possible on vita/ps3. But tbh why does anyone care. I think having a controller with a screen is stupid.

You buy a vita to play games on it, not for cross play. If it happens the game you want to play has it, fine.

Teflon022002d ago

But that's the point. I want Cross Play in most things I want, PSABR, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, SFxT etc. and like on Wii U Cross Control is promising for only certain games like Sly where you gam take your vita and look at your TV and all the treasure close by glows. Or in LBP, where Back and front touch can be added, or just simple things like guacamelee where it shows you a map and so on. BTW you answered your question lol. PPL don't beg unless it releases a game for both PS3/PSV cause it might as well play together, example Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault. Once they heard of the vita version, what was the first question? Does it have cross play between PS3/PSV? It's just a nice way to unify PS products.

Moonman2003d ago

It's all about doing it well, simply doing it isn't enough. It must function in a seamless way that you don't even worry about it when playing.