Visual Exploration of Resistance 2 Level Design


"Releasing a quality game each year, Insomniac are at the top of their game and put most developers to shame. Letting us in on their methods of genius is a treat, and today they bring us an exploration of how they create single player levels. From paper to game in nine "easy" steps."

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Bebedora3760d ago

You would think they do their games in flash or java considering their development speed.

I WILL get my hands on R:FoM soon to see if it is my jar of whisky (scotish spelling) or if not. I like the theme and insomniac's aim to form a story (R&C).
Wicked weapons are also put in Resistance universe or so I've heard.

Amagai Shuusuke3760d ago

Insomniac + Resistance 2 = FTW in 08

mighty_douche3760d ago

Risistance 2 is going to pi55 all over halo3.

Time to bite the bullet guys, come the end of 2008, PS3 is gonna have the best title in ALL genres. Sell that sh!tty 360 now while people will still give you a tenner for it... piece of crap..

(sorry got to make me comments "open zone" worthy)

phony force slayer3760d ago

Five hundred and ninety-nine dollars. Genji 2's real-time weapon switching, historically accurate giant crabs, and weak points that when hit cause massive damage. The Afrika demo that was shown with little to no explanation of what it represented. Fifteen minutes of Gran Turismo 4 in HD. A feature deprived $499 PS3. Ridge Racer. Riiiiidge Racer. A hilariously spastic WarHawk demonstration. A surprising lack of AAA title demos at the conference. Hot Shots Golf being used as an example of next-generation power. Five hundred and ninety-nine dollars. Utterly unforgettable. Sony's 2006 E3 press conference will forever flourish in the halls of gaming infamy.

meepmoopmeep3760d ago

insomniac team are crazy... i think they have residence at their building and inject red bull via tubes into their employees or something... but that's a good thing cause we're getting awesome games every year

blacsheep3760d ago

has a name ever been more fitting?

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