Xbox will "own" GTA IV launch, says MS

Microsoft will make sure that the Xbox 360 benefits most from the GTA IV launch, and from a content standpoint it "already owns it", says Microsoft Game Studios boss Shane Kim.

Speaking to US magazine Wired at the DICE summit, the Microsoft games boss said that making sure it owns the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV from a platform perspective "is really important."

"We already own it, I believe, from a content standpoint, because we have the exclusive episodes," he said. "And so Xbox 360 is still going to have the ultimate experience for GTA IV.

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Iamback3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Keep dreaming. GTA is known as playstation franchise and i am more that sure that in Europe and Japan sony wins, in NA MS wins but numbers wont be that different

Kulupoo3788d ago

well MS better do good on GTA4...
becuz there is alot of PS3 good games coming up shortly...
360 is going to have a pretty good spring with too human/GTA4

JasonPC360PS3Wii3788d ago

Correction "was", that extra DLC is undeniable considering the PS3 doesn't have any. :)

DarkSniiper3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Xbox 360 FTW!!!


The Killer3788d ago

about what is he dreaming about? those content will most likely includes extra missions and maybe be new characters and more vehicles weapons etc! but that doesnt mean rockstar wont put enough of those in the original title! they will put enough that will take u at least 20 hours of game play and i think thats enough! and any way u will have to pay for the those extra episodes so its almost like buying a new game but actually its the same game! good luck xbots, we dont need those episodes we want GTA5 next!!!!

BrianC62343788d ago

I don't care what Shame Kim thinks. I'm getting the PS3 version myself. And since the PS3 has a lot of huge games coming out this year it doesn't really matter. What else does the 360 really have this year? Not much to get excited over.

Kleptic3788d ago

the reality is that GTAIV is the only blockbuster for the 360 this year...and its one of 5 for the the far as system selling capabilities...the PS3 is in a much better stance with GTAIV...what PS2 owner is going to say "I want GTAIV, but dont' mind missing MGS4 this spring......and FFXIII this fall"...and opt for the 360 version?...all three of those franchises were equally powerful at moving the PS2 into the record books...MS got 1 of the 3 big franchises...but all 3 are having a title released this year, and 2 are totally exclusive to the PS3 right now...

You guys are right that the 360 version will outsell PS3 version probably overall...but PS3 sales this spring are going to sky-rocket...everyone knows that...there is no arguing that the PS3 doesn't have a vastly superior lineup for 2008...any PS2 owner could figure that out with about 5 minutes of research...

MaximusPrime3788d ago

i say that it is too close to call. But i agree with you, iamback, PS3 will own GTA4 in Europe and Japan. Since GTA started on PS, it will be successful for PS3.
Xbox will own GTA4 in NA.

But as i said, it is too close to call.

Btw: MS said "Xbox will own GTA4 launch". Sony will say the same.
So in another word, so what.

captainjy3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

WAS known as a PS franchise. Money spoke, R* answered. 360 was lead platform, has exclusive content and WILL sale many more copies on the 360. Sorry toaster boys, the days of Phony owning the gaming world are over. I know one thing, I won't have to wait 22 minutes for a game to install on my 360...

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Xeikon3788d ago

GTA4 will be a greater success on the 360.

CH-OutbreaK3788d ago

Everything will be the same on both consoles, except the "ultimate experience" you will have is 2 extra episodes....


:| I really want a 360 now </sarcasm>

mikeslemonade3788d ago

Well lets hope so because even a Turok game sells PS3. GTA4 is the only saving grace for the 360 for early 2007. GTA4 is not going to make or break the PS3 and that's the truth.

CH-OutbreaK3788d ago

GTA got popular because of the playstation brand. People won't forget. If anything, the ps3 will sell a lot of consoles the day it comes out. Many ps2 owners are waiting for this game to backup their purchase of a next gen console. I'm guessing that most of them will choose a ps3. Don't get me wrong, i hope this game does well on every platform, Im only saying it will due significantly better over time on the ps3 because of the playstation/gta fan base we have

Time Lord3788d ago

You average jo, who doesnt isnt on n4g everyday,checking out the latest gamingn news, will probably never know about the 'exclusive' DLC 360 will get.

Genuine3788d ago Show
spandexxking3788d ago

genuine take that to the open zone

SeNiLe9113788d ago

I favor the Xbox 360 since you have rumble right out of the box, achievements that get you into the game doing things you might not have ever thought to do before and of course the DLC that is exclusive.

Buy for the system you want though, either way it's going to be a blast!!!

mikeslemonade3788d ago

Edit for 1.2:

Meant to say GTA4 is the only saving grace on 360 for early 2008. Why the disagrees? What other game do you have before GTA4?

Exhaust3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Anyone that thinks the exclusive DLC on 360 won't make a difference is fooling themselves.

If you think MS would pay $50 million and then not promote the fact they have more content you're also fooling yourself. There is no way a real GTA fan will not know the DLC is available.

Only people that will buy the PS3 version are Sony fans. Period.

I'm such a GTA fanboy I'm gameflying the PS3 version! haha

mikeslemonade3788d ago

The reason why the 360 will sell more won't be the exclusive content since you have to pay more money for that anyway and the average person won't even know about the content unless MS advertises it on TV. GTA4 will sell more on 360 just like how COD4 sold more on 360. That exclusive content doesn't mean an extra million sale sold then what they would have. I think it's a waste of money that MS invested in to this unless the content is going to be free.

GTA4 isn't even going to make that big of an impact and it's not going to make or break the PS3. Resident Evil 5 will sell more on PS3 so your point is? Don't believe me? DMC4 along sells 130,000 units in Japan on day 1 for a small install base and Resident 5 is a more antcipated game and will sell to much larger install base. By the time Resident Evil 5 is released the PS3 and 360 install base would be tied most likely give or take 1-2 million.

Lucreto3788d ago

@ Exhaust

We don't know when the DLC will be released. They will have to have it out with 3 months for it to serve any purpose. I will be getting the game and I doubt I will be playing it in 6 months later.

CH-OutbreaK3788d ago

Honestly, with dmc4s achievements that seem to leave an imprint in the firmware (if u know what i mean), it seems like ps3 is getting something similar with the release of home. Personally, i never used rumble anyways, and i thank sony not including it. I love how light the sixaxis is. But, again, these are my personal ideas and opinions. I think the game will sell over 5 million over 4 months on the ps3, selling over 4000000 consoles. Just my guess

MikeGdaGod3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

well i already got rumble with the DS3, the exclusive content won't be there for months, and achievements mean sh!t to me. so i'm getting the PS3 version.

playing it on 360 doesn't even sound right

SeNiLe9113788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Regarding not using rumble anyways, is that because the PS3 does not have it right out of the box or if it did you would turn it off?

I just can't see playing a game with out it. Car games you feel the road, crashes, the way each car reacts or feels. Shooters, you feel when you get hit from gun fire, each gun you feel the way it shoots differently. GTA4 will have all that and more giving the game Life.

A cool game that just came out for the Xbox 360, Rez HD uses rumble like I have never seen before. It uses up to 4 other controllers, placing them all over your body, under your feet, behind the back, as you play the game your whole body rumbles to the beat of the music and game play. It's amazing. It's called Trance Vibration!

Rumble is an amazing thing that makes games that much more life like and I'm glad the PS3 has it now or will be soon here in the States.

natural07213788d ago

I have both 360 and the ps3 but im going to get the ps3 version if they are both the same. Im not going to turn my already 60 dollar game into a 80 or 90 dollar game just to buy the extra missions.especially if they are side missions that have nothing to do with the whole story.Plus I look at it as a longgevity my 360 already got the 3 red lights twice.I dont want one day I go to play the game then all of a sudden get the lights again then have to have my game just sit there collecting dust because I have to wait to get another system.Plus I like collecting system and at least I know maybe 3 years from now if I wanted to pick the game up again and play through I can with out having to go get a new sytem because the warrenty ran out and be stuck with games I can't play.So for now on If a game comes out for both systems and they are idenical Im getting it for my ps3.I refuse to give microsoft anymore money as they don't care about there customers by rushing a system out just to get ahead and not thinking of all the gamers.

wageslave3788d ago

" Agree(23) | Disagree(40)"

Xbox 360 has a larger install base worldwide.
GTA has traditionally sold very well in the West vs East.
Xbox 360 has an even LARGER part of the Western console install base.
Xbox 360 users buy more video games per-console, per-year than their counterparts.
Xbox 360 does have the ultimate GTAIV experience. Other versions are "incomplete" in a content-sense.

These fact are indisputable.

So, How does "GTA4 will be a greater success on the 360" not follow from logic and reason?

Here on N4G, 23 people agree with reason and logic and 40+ refuse reality and wish to substitute their own.

That said, who wants to take bets that Xbox 360 does in fact outsell the PS3 version?

bourner3788d ago

how can you disagre with eagle eyes . i bet 90% people dont know about the dlc .they want it for the game

i Shank u3788d ago

but like wasgeslave said, disagreeing that the 360 will have the greater GTA IV experience is pretty meh. sure its not the biggest reason ever to go out and get a 360, but for those who have both consoles, or want to pick up a next-gen console specifically for this game, how is the 360 not the better choice? Microsoft has paid $50 million for exclusive content; thats just about how much it costs to make they game, maybe even a lil more. how does that NOT pique your interest as a gamer? Microsoft will not let the DLC simply be some exclusive "side missions" or some dinky little DLC package that is very comparable to what the PS3 gets; whatever it is it will be HUGE, the price tag says so : )

mikeslemonade3788d ago

It will sell better on 360 but it has little effect on the success of the PS3.

Mattearl3788d ago

Sure the 360 has an extra 2 episodes. don't care. The game is going to do great on both consoles.

sure the 360 will sell more, it has more users, but the ps3 will sell a lot too.

Black_Jack3788d ago

m$ paid 50 million for dlc, thats some despirate sh*t right there. I bet if they hadn't the 360 would sink like a rock come march!

zane_78493788d ago

They better "own" it because they sure don't have anything else interesting coming out this year.

Seriously though unless the extra content is drastically different than the gameplay or content already provided- I don't see this being a big factor. I've never completely finished a GTA before, and I've played them all- even GTA:1969 London. Once you beat the narrative it usually feels like enough, we'll see though.

gaffyh3788d ago

wageslave makes a lot of sense. 360 does have a higher install base so GTA4 should sell a lot more on the 360, however it all depends on whether 360 owners like GTA.

If I was going to buy this game I would get the PS3 version, just because it grew to it's high status on the PS2. But I don't really like GTA (the old ones anyway), unless this one is drastically different I doubt I'll be buying it on launch day. And also because my damn 360 hasn't even RRoD but it is having read errors on all my games, stupid 360 and microsoft who sent it back and replaced the motherboard (FOR NO REASON!!!). People who only own a 360 have no idea how good the PS3 is. The fact that you can turn your console on and put in a game an KNOW it will work straight away is amazing.

@senile911 - On my PS2 controller I ALWAYS switched off the rumble, it is not immersive, it is just annoying so I don't really care about rumble either.

masterg3788d ago

My guess is that the 360 will sell out 60% of the game in the US and the PS3 will do the same in EU. The 360 will however win because of the bigger install in the US. But this will be from people already owning a 360. This game will bring a lot of people into next gen. But with the games the 360 had last year making a little impact on the console sales I don't see this being any different.

The PS3 is however very hot right now. I would be surprised if it has not surpassed the 360 in week by week sales in the US before this game is released. The PS2 owners are waiting on this game and the PS3 will be the obvious choice for them.

Dann79783787d ago Show
Cryos3787d ago

I know it's not accurate, but Amazon's Hype meter reflects the orders they have gotten for a particular console. Right now,

54% of their orders have been for the PS3,
compared to
46% for the X-box 360

It doesn't mean anything, but it's just a gauge, and I think it shows it will be closer than you think and one system won't "own" another, exclusives or not.

Link ---

Sayai jin3787d ago

@mikeslemonade- What do you mean the average peron won't even know about the downloadable content?Have you ever used Xbox Live. As soon as you turn on your 360 it goes to the Xbox live screen which has profile info, latest news, Inside Xbox, Friends, Messages, latest movie release for download, and the latest content to donwload. This changes every time you scroll through the pages. So there is no doubt that people will see it. XBL also has the option for you 360 to download all new content. Most importantly most games when you start the, will have a blinking "New Content Available". So most people well at least know about, if it cost, well then they will have to choose to buy. Having the extra content is a good thing. So I do not know why people are trying to spin or tone down the fact that the 360 has the extra available content and the PS3 does'nt. It still will be a great game on the PS3. I am pretty sure it will end up available on the PS3, but I do not have to worry about any of that, becuase I have the 360, PS3, and the Wii. Thus ensuring I always get the best games and gaming experience (including my gaming PC)!

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crunchie1013788d ago

I think GTA and Playstation's history are strong enough that it'll take a lot for Microsoft to have an impact on the average gamer in regards to this.

I think that a lot of PS2 owners will buy a PS3 for GTA4

blacsheep3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

ps3 is also getting DLC as stated by rockstar themselves

the fact is sony cant mention it due to the fact microsoft paid 50mil to be able to brag about it for a while.

i believe that the ps3 gets its DLC 3months after the 360 which numerous sites are reporting.

and like EGM have stated 2008 is the comeback of the the tortoise (ps3), and the hare (360) really should have saved some of its big hitters for 2008 because the finish line is further away than the 360 thought.


@the disagrees

how can you disagree?so are rockstar lying now? exactly i didnt think so rockstar have stated that the ps3 will get its own DLC,i didnt just make it up out of thin air!

Exhaust3788d ago Show
Lifendz3788d ago

money is another. All these guys that own PS2s and are sitting on the bench have yet to decide on a system. Now GTA IV is going to bring a lot of them to one system or another. When these people walk into a store and see a system for under 300 and one for practically 400, will they choose the more expensive system?

Now if Metal Gear is known to these people and they're making their decision with MGS4 and other exclusives in mind, then maybe they'll make the educated decision and not the impulse one to get GTA on a cheaper system.

I personally believe that a good number of people still out there yet to get a next-gen console and are GTA players that are either teenage gamers or older games that don't read the mags, blogs, sites, etc. What they do is anyone's guess.

bourner3788d ago

i always remember gta being good because of its free roam and missions and its the best for that so i not realy getting it for online anyways

wow143788d ago


So, this forum says "oh, MS bought the exclusive content for $50M!!1!" which has no source, and is frankly un-fcuking-realistic.

And, then you (and all kinds of others) say "oh, Rockstar said the DLC is not exclusive".

So, which is it? Can ANYONE provide a CREDIBLE source of either (A) MS paid $50M for exclusive content and (B) The Xbox 360 DLC is not exclusive, and will come to PS3.

This forum is delusional.

Until then, take your nonsense to the ==>

blacsheep3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

number 1 if you want to refer to me its blacsheepxx

did the 50 mil come out of your pocket? guess not so why the big speech which sounded like it came from pain from depths of your soul?honestly has your 360 just died on you?thats a serious question because you sound angry

the world and his dog knows how much microsoft payed for 'their holy grail' of DLC. even though ps3 is getting its 'own downloadable content' stated by a rockstar representative

and if you cant keep track of interviews from developers why should i refresh your memory?

wow4u3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

What are you talking about?

GTA: Windows, PlayStation, GBC
GTA2: Windows, PlayStation, Dreamcast, GBC
GTA3: Windows, PlayStation2, Xbox
GTA:VC: Windows, PlayStation2, Xbox
GTAIV: PlayStation3, Xbox 360

Sure, PS has always had GTA, but its never been an exclusive to any platform.

Being that GTA generally sells better in the West, and that in the USA (the largest single videogame market by-far), the Xbox 360 outsells the PS3 about 4:1... uhm, Im fairly confident that all those gamers arent going to be thinking PS3 when they hear about the GTAIV release.

Further, when Kim says they are going to "own" the launch, he might mean that Rockstar will be CO-MARKETING the game with them to a greater degree than Sony.

We *do* know that they're going to have the Exclusive content -- and you *have* to know that MS is going to be interested in promoting that the Xbox 360 has the EXLUSIVE game content.

If Rockstar has decided to concentrate on their marketing of GTAIV in partnership with Microsoft -- its all over for GTAIV as a PS3 seller.


Wwow14 is correct -- people on this forum are just pulling stuff out of their bum. There is opinion (my conclusion above) and their is fact (the list of platforms for the GTA series). This forum seems to have a hard time adjusting to the facts.

Bubbles for you wow14.

jwatt3787d ago

I always said gta will sell more on the 360 but push more harware on the ps3.

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paracardium3788d ago

I'm buying the ps3 version.It will do well in the US that's it.

meepmoopmeep3788d ago

PS3 lacking in hardware?

last i heard, the 360 added HDMI which they said wasn't needed
it doesn't have WiFi
it doesn't play HD optical discs out of the box
it has an HDD standard

take your goggles of, dude

Qbanboi3788d ago

Same here. DLC or NOT, GTA4 has my money on the Ps3 version.

Man, it will be a complete owned, if Microsoft ends with no High diference of purchase between the consoles. XD

wow143788d ago

last i heard, the 360 added HDMI which they said wasn't needed
MS said HDMI isnt needed for HiDef gaming -- and they are correct. Try thinking clearly, and work on your reading comprehension.

it doesn't have WiFi
It doesnt need WiFi. Maybe you dont have a home wired with Ethernet, but I do. And, if you dont, wireless bridges are $20. MS isnt responsible for your home-networking quirks.

it doesn't play HD optical discs out of the box
Who cares? Not everyone wants a HD player. PS3 doenst have Rumble out of the box... what is your point?

it has an HDD standard
Not everyone wants an HD. It doesnt matter. Perhaps someone only wants Windows Media Extender? Or they only want to play one or two games and have no interest in anything else (more common than you think)

take your goggles of, dude
- yes, take your goggles off. Does the PS3 have Windows Media Center Extender? Can you send IM's from a PC to your PS3? How about in-game access to your own Music?

take off your googles, indeed.

wow4u3788d ago


Desperate much? The story about MS's superior GTAIV title. Its not about PS3's lack of rumble, PSN being third-rate or lack of a universal in-game Guide. And, its not about the things you listed there either.

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