Dead or Alive 5 Review | EGM

EGM: "Dead or Alive 5 provides just enough new content and combat tweaks to stay fresh, but the sequel ultimately feels like Dead or Alive 4.5 instead of a bold new title."

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deno2002d ago

I love the Virtua fighter 5 image.

deno2002d ago

Really? That's awesome, because I'm a huge virtua fighter fan and doa is a great fighting series. I'm going tolook into this game now.

Kamikaze1352002d ago

That's from Dead or Alive 5. There are some Virtua Fighter characters in the game.

nihonlight2002d ago

I absolutely love doa but he's right it's like 4.5
It didn't amaze like doa3 did the first time I saw it.
I still love doa3 stages the best though