GSI: Game Scene Investigation - Faith and a .45

Faith and a .45 is the latest action title in development at Deadline Games, the studio behind spicy third-person action game Total Overdose and the PSP spin-off Chili Con Carnage.

Set during The Great Depression, a period of worldwide economic downturn in the late 1920s and 1930s, and based on classic road movies, Faith and a .45 is quite a radical departure from the studio's usual output.

With that in mind, Videogamer put the GSI team to work to see what nuggets of information could be gleamed from the game's trailer.

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avacadosnorkel3601d ago

Female leads in games is around every corner it seems.


thisguywithhair3601d ago

Thats what you get when more and more girls admit to playing video games.

Notice how I say admit, they have always played games just as much as we guys have. I had friends in High School who always wondered when a female would be the lead, not just second in command. It is about time, imo.