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Why Does Everybody Want the Wii U to Fail?

Paul Tamburro:

Nintendo pleased many of their long-time detractors with the Wii. After being chastised by the supposedly "mature" gamer for years concerning their alleged catering to a younger crowd (i.e. not giving Princess Peach a huge pair of mammaries with their own physics), the Wii saw them live up to their reputation and produce titles specifically marketed towards kids and the casual gamer.

This gave the anti-Nintendo masses the opportunity to really stick the knife in and twist, even more so than when someone noticed that the GameCube looked a bit like a handbag. Nintendo's "selling out" to the casual market for financial gain was the cancer that was killing the industry, apparently, and the Wii was the first harbinger of the video game apocalypse. The real gamers were going to continue to play war games on their Xbox 360's, whilst those sissy Nintendo fans waggled their Wiimotes at the TV like a bunch of girls. (Nintendo, Wii U)

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NYC_Gamer  +   1070d ago
I want Nintendo to be successful regardless of my feelings towards their first party software
Blastoise  +   1070d ago
I don't want the Wii U to fail. There aren't enough games yet for me to buy one day one but competition is good. I hope there will be more hardcore titles & new IP's in the works, then I`ll be sure to get one.
darthv72  +   1070d ago
To be honest...
not "everyone" wants it to fail. Just those that really have no interest in it in the first place.

It gives them something to hate instead of picking up a controller and playing what they have.
jimbobwahey  +   1070d ago
Yeah same here, I have no interest in the Wii U until I see Metroid/F-Zero/StarFox games. Once the console has been out for two or three years and it has a decent library of exclusives (since Nintendo is really slow with releasing their major games) along with a lower price point, then I'll snap one up.
shoddy  +   1069d ago
I think more people want Sony to fail.
sikbeta  +   1069d ago
First of all

"everybody" =/= internet

Second, why should anyone would care?

Support Wii-U if you care, if you don't, you don't, simple.
dboyc310  +   1070d ago
No one wants Wii u to fail. As a matter a fact Sony as a company is the one ppl want to fail. Don't believe take a look at all the doom articles that pop up. It's sad what journalism has turn into if you ask me.
j4re  +   1069d ago
Yes because N4G articles are the epitamy of "journalism". Wake up.
miyamoto  +   1069d ago
yeah its just a lame flame bait article. from a nintendo fangirl. move on peeps....
darkgod  +   1069d ago
ppl want sony to fail? i dono but this site says other wise lolol
SilentNegotiator  +   1069d ago
It's news to me that "everybody wants Wii U to fail". Every other Wii U article starts with whining about the "hate" and it ends with a bunch of continued masturbatory* whining about the "hate" and with 75% agree totals.

*(read: self-serving)
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neogeo  +   1069d ago
I truly believe that 99% of all fanboys are broke as a joke.

I have more then a few friends and I have NEVER herd a complaint from people that have a decent income. I'm 32 now and have reached the point in my life where there is a split between my friends that never got a real job and successful people.

Here is an example. My wealthy friend Tom loves gaming. He is not a Nintendo fan. I told him about the WiiU and he did not seem very interested but still asked me if I could pre order one for him as a favor. Why? because he can!
when you can own all the systems the hate tends to fade.
PopRocks359  +   1070d ago
Because of blind and stupid hatred? I can understand being uninterested in a console or even critical, but wanting it to fail?

Yes, let's totally hope that Nintendo's project fails and provides less competition for the industry and hurts the employees at the company. Yeah, that's totally progressive. /sarcasm
live2play  +   1070d ago
wow right on the money

not being a fan is one thing
wanting it to cease from existence...well thats just mean

these people are crazy

i think of it as them being a fan of X football team and not only wanting X team to beat the Y team
but they actually want Y team to die in a fire

so that X team is no longer threatened by Y team
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ALLWRONG  +   1069d ago
Lets be honest, the people who want Wii U to fail are mostly PS3 fanboys.
Hicken  +   1069d ago
Let's be honest: you pulled that outta your ass like most of your comments.
darkgod  +   1069d ago
so true lolol
smashcrashbash  +   1070d ago
You see that is where the problem lies. People think just because you critize the Wii U in any way you want it to fail. Just because you have misgivings about a console doesn't necessarily mean you want it to fail. Me and my friend used to argue all the time which was better Nintendo or Sega but neither of us ever wanted each others system to fail. But over sensitive, over zealous fanboys are running around poking and prodding and saying nonsense about how EVERYONE is jealous about Bayonetta 2 and trolling about how since Sony is in trouble maybe Nintendo can take the franchises from them and all sorts of crap. So as usual it is not hate for the system but for the annoying overzealous fanboys who can't keep it in their pants as if Nintendo is the first new system we have ever had in a hundred years.

Nintendo is not above criticism but many people seem to think they are.Their fans remind me of my pet dog when he gets excited. It is fine until he starts biting,pushing and driving you crazy and then you have to push him away and tie him up to calm him down . We Sony fans have taken ever put down and attack every other fan has handed us but Nintendo fans as usual want to pretend that they are being victimized more then anyone else was when their system first came out.We just recently had to listen to how much PASBR is a clone and how much it will fail because SSB is the greatest.I could easily ask 'Why does everyone want Sony to fail' if I wanted to be over dramatic.
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chadboban  +   1070d ago
Okay, I see where your coming from, but don't you dare act like Sony Fans are so innocent in all of this console bashing. Remember the shitstorm when Final Fantasy XIII went to Xbox 360 and Sony fans went as far as to call Square Enix "Traitors". Or how about when Devil May Cry 4 was announced for PS3 and XBOX360 and Sony fans went as far as to start a damn petition to keep it exclusive despite the fact that they were still getting the game. How about when Killzone 2 came out (trust me, you wouldn't want to be the reviewer to give that game an 8/10)

Sony fans haven't taken anything, in fact I would say that they fight just as hard as Nintendo fans do.

Please note that I am not attacking you in any way nor am I implying that you had anything to do with anything I listed. But there are awful fanboys on ALL sides not just Nintendo, not just Sony and not just Microsoft.
smashcrashbash  +   1070d ago
I agree. We have very nasty fanboys on both sides. I am simply stating that NO ONE should ever claim that they are the victim seeing that both side have done their share of bad talking when it comes to anything that has an advantage or spells trouble for either system.In fact I am very certain that people purposefully want Sony to fail for what ever reason it is including Nintendo fans. But no matter what I say against any system the last thing i want it to do is fail.

Enthusiasm and just plain trolling is two different things. I don't mind people being excited about the Wii U but the constant spelling out the doom of all consoles or claiming Nintendo will take all franchises away from us is what makes me irritated. And what is worse when the next PlayStation comes out I am certain the very same people who constantly whine about how we are picking on them will be first in line claiming how it will fail and trying to shut us up as quickly as possible as soon as our excitement reaches it's highest point.If the PlayStation snags any deals that the other consoles don't have we will see the article pop up how Sony fanboys should shut up about how good the PS4 is.

So my point is that I really don't see what is the point about articles claiming to be victims of trolling and hatred and bias etc. as if no one else ever went through the same thing. So the phrase EVERYBODY wants the Wii U to fail is just the author being a drama queen like most rabid fanboys are. We all have our haters on all sides and not EVERYONE wants to see the other person's console fail.If you see me pointing out a flaw in anything trust me, it isn't out of hate or wanting it to fail as most over sensitive people would believe
zebramocha  +   1070d ago
@Chad there was some legitimacy in the anger of ff being released on the 360.
1.It wasn't developed with the 360 in mind which hurt the way the was to be made.

2.It came on 1000 beta maxes on the 360 and still sold better on the ps3 which meant they should haved kept it exclusive.
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live2play  +   1070d ago
"People think just because you critize the Wii U in any way you want it to fail. Just because you have misgivings about a console doesn't necessarily mean you want it to fail."

too true

you cannot deny that there are ALOT people out there that DO want nintendo to stop making consoles altogether and just make games as a 3rd party

they will be happy and feel joy in the fact to see wiiu selling poorly
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Ben_Grimm  +   1070d ago
"We Sony fans have taken ever put down and attack every other fan has handed us but Nintendo fans as usual want to pretend that they are being victimized more than anyone else was when their system first came out."

I don't ever remember this? I remember Sony fans pulling the "we are the victim" card whenever a less than stellar review pops up for a Sony game or a "media is biased" whenever an opinionated article appears on N4G. I do remember most Nintendo articles being bare bones empty unless it’s a nintendo doom or it is being compared to 360/ps3. Then it gets all the heat in the world.

You can't sit there and say this camp gets more heat than this camp especially when your bias leans so heavy to one side. And I'm saying this because you have already stated you are a Sony fan, which leads me to believe you stay and closely monitor mostly in the Sony related stories.

Like Chadboban said please don't act like Sony fans are innocent and are deserving of sympathy a majority of them on this site contributed to sh*t storm of troll related incidents in articles.'

And yes this applies to all fanboys of each console.

Just read your reply, and I agree. These articles shouldn't be taken seriosuly and the posters here definitely shouldn't take it to heart and attack others for it.
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ronin4life  +   1069d ago
There is legitimate criticism, and then there is illogical, un-factual Bull crap. The Latter is what bothers me, and what those wanting the WiiU to fail cling to.
LX-General-Kaos  +   1070d ago
There are some gamers out there in the wild that would like to see the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system meets its early grave for a simple reason. They are threatened by the potential it brings to the videogame spectrum. As of right now the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system is the most powerful, and arguably most innovative gaming home console to ever bless the videogame landscape. Its basically a test of strength and a form of flattery at the same time.

A lot of people within this current generation have made many a joke of the Nintendo Wii entertainment system. Laughing at its graphical capability, and calling its award winning motion control functions childish and gimmicky. Now Nintendo has created a home console that brings to the table more power, and has pretty much covered all complaints of its former console outing. There is nothing to point and laugh at anymore, so it has become a threat to many.

Nintendo has been criticized for many reasons this generation. Not having enough 3rd party support was one of the main target opinions. Now that Nintendo has bent over backward to insure the consumer top notch 3rd party support, that is still not good enough to some. I personally feel that some just know that Nintendo has a legit chance of repeat success with the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system, and they want their brand of choice to win the console wars instead. Thats what it boils down to.

At this point it is becoming of comedic value for Nintendo Elite supporters to read about all of this hate. All of the complaining in the world will not stop the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system and its unique tablet like control functions. Us the Nintendo consumer will purchase our console, play our awarding gaming experiences in fresh new unique ways, and continue to be entertainment by internet trash talk from consumers of competing brands.

When the other competing next generation platforms launch to the world. Hopefully all of this silliness can die down, and everyone can enjoy their respective platform of choice. With a smile.

Rated E For Everyone
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Megaplaynate  +   1069d ago
I'm a Sony fan (not fanboy) and I don't want the WiiU to fail, but I'm not planning to buy one at the moment, maybe in a year or two.
But even if the WiiU fails somehow, I'd still buy the Nintendo franchises if they are released on the Xbox or Playstation, because above anything else, I am a gamer.
bigdaddy_pink_face  +   1069d ago
All of this silliness you talk about will not and shall not die down. If it did, there would be no fun and joy and friendly competing in the gaming community.

-"Wash Your Dirty Hands"
rainslacker  +   1069d ago
I highly doubt these gamers you speak about are threatened by the potential the system has. To be threatened they'd have to be able to admit to themselves that the system does have potential, which is something you'd never see them do...at least publicly and sincerely.

They are threatened however with their own insecurity in their choices. If the things they choose aren't what other people choose then for whatever reason they feel like it's an insult to them, and they lash out and cast disparaging remarks about a competitor to that piece of hardware that they hold too dear to their hearts.

Or the more logical may be true...there are just way too many fanboys and trolls out there, and for some reason people just don't ignore them.

I'm all for healthy criticism, as I believe it's the best way to express your concerns and wants for the way these companies do business. Healthy criticism should never be met with static defenses and completely dismissed by that sides "defense force". It should be discussed and brought to light, so companies do not just do what they want without our best interest in mind.

I see a lot of people on this thread all saying pretty much this same thing, yet they all still just feed the trolls. To all of you, why not just stop responding and ignore these posts. Make a pact not to respond to this crap now or in the future, and then get others on board. Get enough people to do it and eventually the game journalist will have to find real news to report and we can get back to the good ol' days when we could read about and discuss games. :)
Ares84HU  +   1070d ago
Who want it to fail??? Anywhere I go or anywhere I read or hear people talk about it, everyone is phrasing it. I haven't seen anyone saying anything bad about it so far other than the fact that some will hold out on buying the console until a price drop.

The question is, when did people became so in love with Nintendo that they are willing to write a idiotic article like this just to give more attention to the WiiU??
Anon1974  +   1070d ago
Yeah, this left me a bit confused as well. I haven't seen anyone say they want the Wii-U to fail. He mentioned in his article the comments on Youtube videos related to the Wii-U are pretty brutal, but that's Youtube. The comments section on Youtube is a cesspool no matter what it's in regard to.

Kinda a pointless article if you ask me. I mean, if he had examples of articles where game writers were saying they want the Wii-U to fail, then I can maybe see a rebuttal, but no one is doing that. There is concern out there, certainly, as to how the Wii-U will be received, but I've never seen anyone claim they want it to fail.
ronin4life  +   1069d ago
I have seen plenty such people all over the web. Especially here.
Fortunately, they are a minority; or at least they aren't very vocal.
SaffronCurse  +   1070d ago
Why does everybody want Sony to fail?
Ares84HU  +   1070d ago
No that is a better question. In the last few days alone we had a tone of "Sony is DOOOOOOMMMZZZZ" articles again. I feel like I'm back in 2006 or 2007.
josephayal  +   1070d ago
Nintendo is IMMORTAL
Salamander  +   1069d ago
You are a very strange individual, what with your strange one sentence comment. And your comments always conflict with your last one.
gamingGod123   1070d ago | Spam
Dread  +   1070d ago
That is funny according to sony fanboys here at N4G, everyone allegedly wanted sony to fail.

I guess now everyone wants everyone to fail.

I for one hope that the WiiU does well, and does not repeat the same shovelware trend of the Wii

and for the sony extremists, I also hope that Sony continues to do well in the industry.
zebramocha  +   1070d ago
If you go to the main page(if it's still there) there is a anti Sony article,now one of them might have been a double post but it was like three of those articles in a day.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1070d ago
I think it demonstrates very low standards that some people want another console to fail. It also shows a lack of trust in the console they bought because if they HAD that trust the headline would read: 'Why do people want their console to win?'. In other words, if I can't enjoy my console then neither can you. Negative press is like a candle to a moth for these people, but they forget the inevitable outcome of that analogy.
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mamotte  +   1070d ago
And worse that that:

What happens when a console "win"? The other companies and their fans get destroyed, or become slaves?

What does a console need to "win"? More sales? More games? Global control? more exclusives? highest score in metacritic?

What does a fan get when the console of his/her choise "win"? Why is a fan in the first place? Does the fan get a penny every time the console is sold? free games? a bigger smile?

When does the "war" end? 21/12/2012? When a company buys the other and eventually dissapear? when a company HQ explodes because their hater's energy become a hatred black bloody genki dama?

It just doesnt make sense. Never had, never will.
rainslacker  +   1069d ago

You actually ask a very interesting question..."What happens when a console wins?"

I think looking back it's easy to say that the PS2 "won" it's generation. What did that bring to gaming as a whole? What did it bring to gamers as a whole? And more importantly, what did it take away?

I'll have to think on this for a while and I'll respond back. Maybe people that were on the other side of the fence for the PS2 could offer their opinion.
Vortex3D  +   1070d ago
Having competition is good for everyone. But it doesn't mean we all need to buy each competing consoles. That's the difference, "support" the competitors but don't need to own one. That continues to ensure other consoles stay in check and better pricing.
ChunkyLover53  +   1070d ago
True gamer's don't want it to fail. I think a certain loud mouthed and very insecure group of gamer's wants them to fail. Truth is, Nintendo took the crown and took it in a big, big way. Obviously fanboys this generation have been the absolute worst, it carries over to the next generation.

I don't get it, I'll never get it and I think the true gamer's are happy for the new hardware, because we don't care what we are playing on.
telekineticmantis  +   1070d ago
I have money and there's a new Next Gen
Nintendo coming out, I'm probably gonna get a WiiU. Yet I'm not very impressed, but $300 for a next gen Home console is tempting. I said that to say this, the "haters may not all be haters" I'm upset with all 3 companies for different reasons, should I keep my mouth shut, in order to prevent, hurt feelings.

My opinions don't defer very much from the haters, maybe because it's the truth. Nintendo makes Toys... Rage? So what that's a good and a bad thing, I can buy a Nintendo if my friends promise to enjoy it with me, and we'll all have fun, but I'm not very eager to play Games Solo or Online.

Nintendo games are fun, maybe not so Epic for the most part, but fun. Hate it or Love it
SSKILLZ  +   1070d ago
because they're all haters and have nothing better to do with their lives.
eagle21  +   1070d ago
Cause dey crazy. :P (No other way to put it.)
Gamer-Z  +   1069d ago
A real gamer plays all types of games, and they would not want Nintendo to fail in fact a real gamer would want them to prosper because it would mean more games for them to play. Fanboys are the opposite, they want everything to fail (except for their brand of choice) so they can feel Superior in some way and will stick to playing only a handful of games of a certain genre. Fanboys are not true Gamers they exemplify everything that is wrong with gaming.
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telekineticmantis  +   1069d ago
WeskerChildReborned  +   1069d ago
Unecessary Nintendo hate maybe? I just hope it's not fanboys who are hating.
BitbyDeath  +   1069d ago
Probably cause like Sony they are not an American company so all they get is hate.
taquito  +   1069d ago
i want nintendo to single handedly DOMINATE sales this holiday and leave the ancient ps3 and 360 in the dust, not really because i love nintendo anymore than i love sony and ms games, i love them all, i just want ms and sony to get off their lazy, terrified asses and actually release hardware that is relevent in some way with this decade!

ps3 and 360 games look last gen, i am hoping the wiiu comes out of the gate crapping on them and with the games in the next 6 months an even higher level of visual fidelity is achieved.

i want ms and sony to feel the squeeze from all sides, consumers, inverstors and journalists! they are unabashedly stalling and milking their relics and its disgusting!
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stubbed_out  +   1069d ago
I'm considering a day 1 purchase, not so much for the launch games but for all the Wii games I've missed out on because I never bought one.

Also, Aliens with a motion tracker, drool.
wastedcells  +   1069d ago
Who would want Nintendo to fail? They got a whole generation into gaming. Maybe its not that people want them to fail its just they feel let down and lost their faith. Personally I would love to enjoy a Nintendo system the way I enjoyed NES, SNES and N64. It's just playstation has been the place to play since those times and nintendo has yet to capture that feeling in gamers since. Just me?
Muigi  +   1069d ago
I'm planning on getting this because i for one have patience...has everybody forgotten when the 360/ps3 came out? the graphics looked like shinier versions of ps2/xbox games. It took years for the true gems of this generation to come and the same will happen with the WiiU. Mario, Metriod,LGZ, SSB etc. all in HD these games are gonna be epic. I also plan on getting a ps4 eventually after they lower the price from $1000 dollars for the 120gb...That will satisfy me on the more 'hardcore' side of gaming.
omarzy  +   1069d ago
Many people will voice hate for Nintendo, but not that many people will admit that they want to see them fail. Just look at some of these comments. "i don't want Nintendo to fail" The fact that any of these comments have disagrees shows that some people actually want Nintendo out of the market even if they never planned to get the console.
bigdaddy_pink_face  +   1069d ago
Nintendo must die!!!
ShaunCameron  +   1069d ago
They want it to fail because they want an industry of technological (i.e: graphical) advancement at all costs. And the WiiU is perceived as what's holding their wishes back with its "underpowered" hardware specs, games that they deem they're too mature to be playing, gameplay ideas that they're too stuck in the past to dare consider trying out and a price they swear is too much yet have little problem paying 1.5 to 3 times that on a Sony and Microsoft console that are barely distinguishable from each other from hardware specs and pointless expensive features all the way down to the games.
3-4-5  +   1069d ago
People just like being right. Even if it means bad things for everybody. People are twisted like that. it sucks.
YoungPlex  +   1069d ago
Only fan-boy's/girls and trolling fools want the demise of, not only one of the greatest game company/developers in the world, but one of the most innovative as well! I honestly believe Nintendo made a great move in distancing themselves away from Sony and Microsoft with the Wii. This has given them the ability to not only make money on every console they sell, but also making it affordable for the general population at launch. I'm excited that I can buy both me and my son a Wii U at launch, without breaking the bank, while still being able to get a ton of games and accessories! I guess people don't see it the way I do though...
TruthbeTold  +   1069d ago
'Everybody' =/= a few thousand loser, extreme zealot fanboys...

People who think that it's important to try and dissuade others from buying a console that isn't the next offering from the one that they personally have so much irrational emotional stock in..

How ridiculous it is to believe that this small handful of embarrassing representatives of our mutual pastime are anything more than a tiny drop of water in a bucket that is quite full.

Real gamers like what they see and understand the importance of these companies pushing each other. Even those (gamers) who aren't yet interested in the Wii U are hoping and/or waiting for something personally appealing to come out on it. Haters and ultra loyalists are just yelling louder than everyone else. It's annoying, but really doesn't mean much or matter at all in the end.
#28 (Edited 1069d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
CyrusLemont  +   1069d ago
I am so sick of f*****G console wars. Why bash someone else's personal tastes? Are you unhappy with your own? I don't understand why it matters if a company makes a game multi-platform. Shouldn't it be celebrated that everyone gets a piece of the pie then? Anyway, I am super excited for the Wii U, mainly because we'll finally be able to get all of Nintendo's IPs in glorious 1080p. Fingers crossed they can buy back Rare or their former employees, after hearing about the BK3 news from their former developers, I want them back on Nintendo making great games! 64kid4life!
stragomccloud  +   1069d ago
Because of hateful dogmatic fanboyism.
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