'No scope for Kinect support in Halo 4', says 343 dev exec

'Waypoint is more appropriate for Kinect,' says Frank O'Connor

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fossilfern2068d ago

Good stuff, means the box wont be ruined with that terrible purple banner saying "Better With Kinect". Ruins the box art completely

DaThreats2068d ago

And false advertising
It should be
Horrible with Kinect

fossilfern2068d ago

Or in terms of ME3 and its Kinect integration; "was done 10 years ago with a normal Microphone"

Irishguy952068d ago

Yeah Kinect and move are a ****ing abomination

zebramocha2068d ago

@irish If you don't like motion controls I understand but I believe ps move can be useful if done right,search iwaggle3d on you tube to see how ps move has been implemented in games

grayfoxx8812068d ago

Thank God. Don't get any Kinect in my Halo 4!

dark-hollow2068d ago

Keep Kinect away from my halo pls.

QuantumWake2068d ago

I'm actually quite surprised by this piece of news. This being Microsoft's IP, you would think they would force 343i to support Kinect. Glad to know MS at least gave 343i the freedom to not use Kinect in Halo 4.

I'm pretty sure MS knows better than not to destroy their flagship title. ;P lol

spicelicka2067d ago

Well they did experiment with halo:CEA, and seems like it wasn't worth it. It was pretty cool throwing and scanning things with voice control but i think it's too much effort integrating something like that without is being a bit a useless.

And it wasn't even real kinect integration per se, it was mostly voice control. MS doesn't wanna waste money on something with no payoff, i think that's really the reason.

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The story is too old to be commented.