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'No scope for Kinect support in Halo 4', says 343 dev exec

'Waypoint is more appropriate for Kinect,' says Frank O'Connor (Halo 4, Kinect, Xbox 360)

fossilfern  +   943d ago
Good stuff, means the box wont be ruined with that terrible purple banner saying "Better With Kinect". Ruins the box art completely
DaThreats  +   943d ago
And false advertising
It should be
Horrible with Kinect
fossilfern  +   943d ago
Or in terms of ME3 and its Kinect integration; "was done 10 years ago with a normal Microphone"
Irishguy95  +   943d ago
Yeah Kinect and move are a ****ing abomination
zebramocha  +   943d ago
@irish If you don't like motion controls I understand but I believe ps move can be useful if done right,search iwaggle3d on you tube to see how ps move has been implemented in games
grayfoxx881  +   943d ago
Thank God. Don't get any Kinect in my Halo 4!
dark-hollow  +   943d ago
Keep Kinect away from my halo pls.
abzdine  +   943d ago
nice move 343.
QuantumWake  +   943d ago
I'm actually quite surprised by this piece of news. This being Microsoft's IP, you would think they would force 343i to support Kinect. Glad to know MS at least gave 343i the freedom to not use Kinect in Halo 4.

I'm pretty sure MS knows better than not to destroy their flagship title. ;P lol
spicelicka  +   943d ago
Well they did experiment with halo:CEA, and seems like it wasn't worth it. It was pretty cool throwing and scanning things with voice control but i think it's too much effort integrating something like that without is being a bit a useless.

And it wasn't even real kinect integration per se, it was mostly voice control. MS doesn't wanna waste money on something with no payoff, i think that's really the reason.
Allsystemgamer  +   943d ago
zerocrossing  +   943d ago
Glad to hear this, I was starting to think Kinect support was mandatory for when developing 360 exclusives.

Though I can't help but think this status will change before launch... Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.
ChunkyLover53  +   943d ago
I wouldn't have minded it if they implemented it like they did with Halo CEA. I actually enjoyed the bit of Kinect implementation.

Surprised Microsoft wouldn't put some sort of Kinect added bonus into the game, especially since they came out and said all first party games would have some Kinect feature.

Already getting disagrees, but I figured options were always good, that way it appeals to a wider audience. That was my take on it anyway.
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zerocrossing  +   943d ago
But doesn't forcing devs to include Kinect support in all first party games actually hurt the final product?

Kinect works best when a game is built around the motion detection mechanics, in pretty much every other case it's just a tacked on gimmick that adds little to no meaningful benefits, making the only seemingly reasonable reason for its inclusion that Microsoft wants to push Kinect down everyone's throats.


But that is very much my point.

Why include Kinect support if its only purpose of inclusion is for the sake of including it?

In my opinion, just because you can do some interesting though gimmicks things with Kinnect, it really does not justify development time these side projects would take, that could have gone towards something more productive.
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Dlacy13g  +   943d ago
I think that determination is 100% based on how the kinect support is built in. Halo CE anniversary the support was just that...added support that took nothing away from the game proper. That is an example of well done Kinect support...use if you want it but you wont feel like you are being hand-cuffed by it either.
ChunkyLover53  +   943d ago
I don't see how Kinect hurt any game that it was added on to. Forza 4 especially benefited from Kinect and I really enjoyed the Halo CEA, Mass Effect 3 and even the Gunsmith option with Ghost Recon.

I bought a Kinect, so of course I'd like it to support as many games in as many different ways as it can.

Adding voice function or something completely different to Halo 4 with Kinect integration wouldn't have hurt anything, it wouldn't have hurt anyone who hates Kinect, because its just an OPTION.

Video games as a whole are gimmicks, they are interactive experiences and I feel like Kinect adds to that in a lot of ways. Just my opinion though.
Bon Scott  +   943d ago
lol chunky
and to think you're simply stating your opinion in a 360 article just being a 360 fan.
Problem is it's on a ps3 fanboy infested site with butthurt 3rd place losers hunting you down haha.

Just enjoy our two bubbles while we have em :)
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RmanX1000  +   943d ago
Good call.
abzdine  +   943d ago
everytime i think of hear kinect i remember usher.
man that E3 performance was a disaster and shows how GOOD kinect is
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JadedXGamer  +   943d ago
Good. No half baked and tacked on kinect intergration where it's not needed.
josephayal  +   943d ago
No kinect no buy
will be Better With Kinect
Godmars290  +   943d ago
Que "MS giving up on Kinect" articles.

Seriously. MS preferring not to possibly limit the restart of their flagship franchise by promoting something they want as associated with the Xbox brand?
Dlacy13g  +   943d ago
MS has long said Kinect wouldn't be perfect for every game nor would it make sense for every game. This just proves they are willing to stand by that.

Rest assured you will see kinect in tandem with smart glass via Waypoint for this game.
InTheLab  +   943d ago
Pretty sure Kudo disagrees with you. I don't, but he does...
MasterD919  +   943d ago
Kinect really has no effect over these games...In ME3 it was more of a "try this" feature.

Until they go out of their way to produce a game that isn't on the rails, Kinect will never have potential in current gaming.

Yelling out commands is probably the greatest feature I've seen, next to capturing images or scaling something, and even then I have yet to see most games take advantage of that. I think maybe Forza 4 allowed you to control using your hands, but even then...

Halo was meant to be played with a controller.
Shadonic  +   943d ago
I just want a own personal AI thing for halo waypoint and kinect or hell the entire 360.
Bathyj  +   943d ago
Good, they shouldn't force it in if its not wanted or needed.

That tantamount to raping.
RickHiggity  +   943d ago
Just leave kinect to the super casuals. Hell, I don't care if they call themselves gamers, just leave kinect out of my damn games.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   938d ago
Wow. Maybe Microsoft understands gamers more than I give them credit for. Don't see a problem if Kinect is added as long as you don't have to have it. Kinect needs its own games.

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