Valentine's Day on Xbox LIVE

Now You can send a Valentine Greetings on Xbox live and they'll pick the favorites to publish on and maybe even Inside Xbox! Make sure to include the Gamertags of both the valentine's sender and recipient. Keep it short, 140 characters or less, and oh yeah, it's gotta be clean.

So get those romantic, funny, witty Valentine Greeting with your gamertag included and a chance to be posted and named as the romantic hardcore gamer there is. Hahaha!

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Shadow Flare3662d ago

I guess about 33% of 360 owners will be seeing red this valentine's

Bill Gates3662d ago

AHAHAHAHAHHA...Good one shadow.

Many BABOONS will sure be getting red rings of love from M$ this 14th. I can see them all right now running upstairs to their mothers on the 13th and stealing their mothers towels to keep their machines from BLOWING UP......AHAHAHAHAHHA

DarkSniper3662d ago

Microkids can still look on the bright side. Valentines Day will be the perfect day for them to express their love for their "record setting" attach rate.

Funny indeed.


Dark Sniper3662d ago

We Sony fans only wish for such features to be available on the deserted PSN online service. However, with many people leaving it for the superiority of XBOX LIVE, the future of PSN is uncertain, as it is simply unprofitable to keep the servers running for 7 people, 4 of which are [email protected]


bohemian 233662d ago

Hey at least you guys can watch your blu ray movies alone in your moms basements. I guess you always have each other but you guys seem like you've already been down that road.

Tempist3662d ago

I hope they're cashing in on the girl gamer for this one... I seriously doubt that girl non-gamer girlfriends are going to care as much as people think.

Or is this wishful thinking/optimism.